Hello users, thanks you for the patience so far, I just want to inform you that this no scam.. may I know how much you invested with us??
Tks, Pranas

Message from Pranas Slusnys to investors | 3rd of April 2019

Pranas Slusnys did not contact any investors trying to extort more money from them, this was a scammer pretending to be Pranas. The original article is included below.

The fake Pranas is to the left and the real Pranas to the right. The usernames look identical. The real Pranas on the right has a group in common which is to be expected especially if you are in the minerone.io Telegram group and I have his mobile number attached to his contact hence why that shows. The reason for the lack of photo is I assume that Pranas has blocked me. The important things to look for are Groups in common as often scammers will not join the group as they will be detected.

Fake Pranas (left) and Real Pranas (right)

These are the usernames blown up, as you can see you can’t tell them apart. The fake one is the top one (I think). Telegram should really do something to to fix this, it means a simple change to the font only in the username area.

Fake Pranas on top and Real Pranas on bottom

The only way to really tell is to copy the username to word or notepad but note that the font choice is important as you can see below. The top one is the real one and the fake one is the bottom one. In this example they have used an uppercase i (I) instead of a lowercase L (l).

Original article following.

Multiple investors has been contacted by the Miner One CEO Pranas Slusnys claiming he is innocent and this isn't a scam, he also asks for the amount they invested. The sender has been confirmed to be the same Telegram account that Pranas used.
Exactly what Pranas is trying to achieve is unknown. There is nothing that investors can do to help him and the evidence against him is far too strong. One only possible but unlikely reason for asking them how much they invested is so he can pay back some of the stolen money to show this wasn't a scam and remorse. 
Soon after this article was published the answer was known.

I have no reason to doubt the following messages as there has been confirmation from two investors that they have received the same message from Pranas Slusnys. The account that the message is being sent from is the same Telegram account that was used throughout the Miner One project and the same one used by Pranas to send his statement after his arrest so there is nothing that throws any doubt regarding the authenticity of the account. The only question is why would Pranas Slusnys contact these people to extort more money from them? When you read this Pranas Slusnys you know how to contact me to clarify this.

Message from Pranas Slusnys to investors | 3rd of April 2019

This is the wallet address from the following conversation between a Miner One investor and Pranas Slusnys. Wallet ]BTC-pQmZ] contains 0 BTC so the attempt his either netted nothing or a different BTC address is being used for each contact.

  • 19Rswc2xs26dnKG8yWa3TcnKEWpT6CpQmZ [BTC-pQmZ]
Message from Pranas Slusnys to investors | 3rd of April 2019

There is no screenshot for this next section of the conversation.

Message from Pranas Slusnys to investors | 3rd of April 2019

More information to follow!

Message from Pranas Slusnys to investors | 3rd of April 2019

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  1. Is this for real? So Pranas is now contacting people individually via Telegram, asking them to send a further “fee” to him in BTC. This is so bizarre, I don’t know what to say.

    1. I can’t figure it out either but the screenshots are there and two investors have confirmed he contacted them.

  2. I don’t believe in a good will on Pranas. Investigation is on-going right now. I have contacted Lithuania institutions and they confirmed only two containers are standing empty and others likely were Photo-shopped. No equipment were bought at all and no prove where given about opposite. I think he is doing imitation about good will to avoid the jail and further legal actions.

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