Bitcoinus raised over $20,000,000 in the ICO and made a lot of promises but they have filed to live up to most of these.

Payment plugin development for “WordPress, OpenCart, Woocommerce and custom web platform integration has begun and development of Shopify and Magento plugins commenced” the week of the 8th of May 2018.

8th of May 2018 | Telegram Group

WordPress (WooCommerce) and OpenCart payment plugins were developed before the 17th of May 2018 according to a Medium article published by Bitcoinus and they had a working MVP yet the plugins were not released until December 2018.

17th of May 2018 | Medium Article

On the 5th of June 2018 John Woo in the Bitcoinus Telegram Group posted that Bitcoinus had over 600 registered ecommerce businesses ready to go and that WordPress, OpenCard and Woocommerce etc were starting integration and that Shopify and Magento plugins had started as well.

Development of plugins is according to the number of registrations.

12th of September 2018 | Telegram Group

The 4th of January 2019 sees the Magento plugin was announced.

4th of January 2019 | Telegram Group

But a few days later on the 16th of January 2019 Povilas Ruzgaila said it was finished but when asked where it was was told it was undergoing improvements. As of the 5th of May 2019 it is still not available! Four month later!

16th of January 2019 | Telegram Group

Bitcoinus stated on the 15th of January 2019 that they worked on the payment plugins that were most requested from the registered companies and that they had a lot of companies register to use Shopware but according to the statistics after 4 months only 8 downloads of the Shopware plugin had been made and most of those would have been testing.

15th of January 2019 | Telegram Group

Fast forward to April 2019 and the usage of the plugins are low. no figures are being released on usage by the team and no financial information has been disclosed since the ICO finished. Most of the plugins took over 7 months to develop.

  • X-Cart Plug has only 26 installations.
  • Opencart has 59 downloads.
  • WordPress has 110 downloads and under 10 installed (appears to be ZERO).
  • Shopware has 8 downloads.

Shopware was touted as an mportant

X-Cart Plugin

Released 4th of December 2018 | Downloads ? | Installations 26 | X-Cart Plugin

4th of December 2018 | Telegram Group

Opencart Plugin

Released 20th of December 2018 | Downloads 59 | Installations ? | Opencart Plugin

20th of December 2018 | Telegram Group

WordPress Plugin

Released 20th of December 2018 | Downloads 110 | Installations <10 | WordPress Plugin

20th of December 2018 | Telegram Group

Shopware Plugin

Released 29th of December 2018 | Downloads 8 | Installations ? | Shopware Plugin

29th of December 2018 | Telegram Group

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