Bitcoinus Roadmap | Whitepaper

September 2017

  • Formation of the team.

December 2017

  • Development of MVP starts.
  • Creating concept, initial wireframe of prototype and strategy.

January 2018

  • Start of ICO.

February 2018

  • Initial testing of decentralized KYC.

March 2018

  • Integration of internal blockchain based currency exchange solution.

May 2018

  • End of ICO.
  • Tokens will be listed in exchanges in 15 days after the end of ICO.

June 2018

  • Alpha version of MVP development ends. Basic functionality level reached.

August 2018

  • Global business development & marketing campaign starts.

September 2018

  • Beta version of MVP development ends (payments with over 50 altcoins; integration for all major e-commerce platforms; API).

November 2018

  • Implementation of card processing; additional altcoins integrated.

January to March 2019

  • Fully functioning e-commerce solution (Over 100 altcoins integrated).

October to December 2019

  • In the first financial year we aim to reach $10M turnover.

October to December 2020

  • Turnover reaches $40M (over 200 altcoins integrated);
  • Bitcoinus further develops global crypto payments ecosystem

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