Blockchain Open Fund

The Blockchain Open Fund works through TokenDesk and was involved in the funding of Bitcoinus.

Blockchain Solutions

Tomas Mickauskas is the CEO of Blockchain solutions and Povilas Ruzgaila is also involved.


There are extensive links to IUNGO. Ricardas Bernotavicius the CEO of IUNGO partially owned Bitcoinus at one stage.

Twitter Bitcoinus

IUNGO Network – an ICO that raised over $23M will be integrating Bitcoinus crypto payment processing into their platform!

It is a great start of our 1000 e-commerce companies quest!

Miner One

14th of April 2018 | Bitcoinus Telegram Group

14th of April 2018 | Bitcoinus Telegram Group

Miner One becomes Bitcoinus partner

Last week we gave an announcement that Bitcoinus have signed a partnership agreement with crowdfunded crypto mining company Miner One.

Our friends at Miner One are building what is expected to be the world’s most profitable crypto mining operation.

The Miner One model is simple and profit-oriented:

  1. Hire a world-class team of industry professionals
  2. Secure the ideal location
  3. Crowdfund the world’s most efficient & profitable mining operation
  4. Reinvest into constant upgrades
  5. Share the profits

We will be integrating Miner One’s MIO Token into our crypto payment platform, making MIO among the very first tokens available for e-commerce transactions once they are activated at the end of the Miner One ICO — currently in progress.

Bitcoinus is looking forward to successful cooperation with Miner One in order to add more features and value to its users and token holders!

17th of April 2018 | Miner One becomes Bitcoinus partner

TokenDesk | Blockchain Solutions

TokenDesk is connected to Bitcoinus by a number of staff members working at TokenDesk or related entities at the same time, by being funded and connected to TokenDesk for the ICO platform including website and marketing including newsletters.

Blockchain Solutions is the marketing side of TokenDesk. Three members of Bitcoinus worked at Blockchain Solutions.

Tomas Mickauskas fails to mention that he works for TokenDesk and is CEO of Blockchain Solutions which is involved closely with TokenDesk.

29th of January 2018 | Bitcoinus Telegram Group

Website update taking a long time, mention of Tokia, TokenDesk and Dorado as being failures with members of the Bitcoinus team.

13th of September 2018 | Bitcoinus Telegram Group

Povilas Ruzgaila fails to mention that he continued to work for TokenDesk throughout until November 2018.

8th of January 2019 | Bitcoinus Telegram Group


Povilas Ruzgaila was involved in the shilling of TOKIA whilst working at TokenDesk.

27th of August 2018 | Tokia Newsletter

4th of October 2018 | Bitcoinus Telegram Group

4th of October 2018 | Bitcoinus Telegram Group

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