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Tomas Mičkauskas

Date of Birth | 4th of January 1989 (04/01/1989)
Email | [email protected]
Email | [email protected]
Email | [email protected]
Mobile | +370 661 93333

LinkedIn | ICObench


Heavily involved in TokenDesk which is likely owned by Blockchain Solutions where Tomas Mickauskas is the CEO.


No mention of Secrets of Zurich.

Scam Allegations

Multiple Scam allegations have been made against Tomas Mickauskas including a £1,000,000 Charity Scam.

Allegations of Scamming made against Tomas Mickauskas

Missing Work History

A number of years worth of experience has been removed from LinkedIn leaving a hole, this can be explained as the removal of charity information. The information was removed after this post was made on BitcoinTalk.


Missing Years correspond to the scam charity | LinkedIn


CEO of Blockchain Solutions – a hub for blockchain related projects.
Co-Founder of Bitcoinus – revolutionary platform for crypto payments processing solutions.
Currently advising high potential blockchain based projects such as TokenDesk where he is helping companies improve their development possibilities and save money and time by providing the tools for obtaining all the opportunities and taking over the market more efficiently and effectively.
Tomas has high expertise in Startups and Project Management and more than 6 years experience in trading Frankfurt, London and New York Stock Exchange.
He successfully advised and implemented strategies for multimillion dollar ICOs and is highly interested in blockchain application to innovative fin-tech projects.
Started investing into cryptos 3 years ago and become involved in blockchain 1 year ago.
Tomas’s wide-ranging background and experience in venture capital and technology industries allows him to stand out in this business.

Tomas Mičkauskas | ICObench Profile


Jan 2019 – Present
Mechanical Designers and Engineers specializing in 2D and 3D drawings, modeling and calculations


Sep 2017 – Present
Bitcoinus crypto processing platform allows any e-commerce businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments avoiding risk of market volatility.

Co-Founder of

Oct 2018 – Present
E-commerce activity of buying or selling products on online services

BlockChain Solutions

Nov 2017 – Dec 2018
Company working with Blockchain Technology, New Solutions Development, Digital Marketing Solutions.

Busioness Development Advisor

Sep 2017 – Sep 2018
TokenDesk is a direct token marketplace for FIAT and cryptocurrency crowdfunding, giving investors technical solution to purchase Initial Coin Offerings Tokens in a faster, safer and more reliable way. TokenDesk – Startup Raising More Than $15 Million in ICO crowdfunding.

Project Manager
UAB Skaitmeniniai Sprendimai
Feb 2016 – Jul 2017
IT and Digital Solutions

Jan 2015 – Feb 2016
Stock, Forex Trading

UAB Tekstila
Dec 2013 – Feb 2015
Company as all reliable wholesale distributors specializes in the wholesale trade of clothing, footwear and accessories. Working with Europe, Asia, Africa markets.

Sep 2012 – Dec 2013
Clothes Stock Trading Company

Sales Manager
UAB Mitoda
Jul 2008 – Jun 2009
Clothes Export Company

Co-Founder of DrawBalt

Phone | +370 607 57445
Email | [email protected]
Website |
Facebook |

Very little information about this company, website has little content, blog is empty. Facebook has three fake reviews.

Co-Founder of

Registration code | 303346131
VAT | LT100010793910
Email | [email protected]
Email | [email protected]
Phone | +37066193333
Address | Senakelio g. 38-2, Virbaliūnai village, Kaunas district sav.
Website |
Facebook |
Scope | Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment

Website has little content, FAQ and shipping areas have default text telling you how to add information. Site is has a link to Motorcycles which links to the Harley Davidson dealer in Lithuania, Parts and Clothes link to products on that website.


Registration code | 302699922
Manager | Tomas Mičkauskas
Address | Statybininkų g. 13, Venta, LT-85305 Akmenės r.
Mobile phone | +370 66193333
Bank | AB Šiaulių bankas
Account number | LT567180300022467760
Employees | 1 person (insured)
2019-01-06 had 1 person (insured)
2018-08-10 had 2 people (insured)
2015-12-17 had 1 person (insured)
SS insurer code | 2135898
2012 under 5000 EUR
2013 100,001 to 200,000 EUR
2014 200,001 to 300,000 EUR
2015 100,001 to 200,000 EUR
2016 200,001 to 300,000 EUR
Transport 2019-01: 1 car (uses)
Company age | January 2012

CEO of Tekstila UAB

Registration code | 303199489
Manager | Tomas Mičkauskas
Address | Draugystės g. 15B, LT-51228 Kaunas
Address | A. Juozapavičiaus pr. 48A – 20, Kaunas City, Kaunas sav., LT-45222
Mobile Phone | +370 661 93333
SS insurer code 2250007
SODRA (VSDFV) debt 517.22 EUR (1785.86 LTL) (2019-04-03 at the beginning of day)
Turnover 2014: 30 001 – 50 000 EUR | 2013: Under 5000 EUR
Company age | January 2014

TEKSTILA, UAB operates in the following areas:

Clothing New – Trade . Clothes worn – trade
Clothes worn – wholesale.
Clothing New – Wholesale.

CEO of T&T Agency JSC

Company code | 302242813
Company status | In liquidation
Official name | T&T Agency Individual Enterprise
Head of the company | Tomas Mičkauskas
Address | New Arrivals 33-33, LT-47118 KAUNAS
Mobile Number | +370 624 00358 ( +37062400358 | 862400358)
Email | [email protected]
Scope | Other information service activities nec
Registered | 6th of November 2008

NACE Rev. 2 activities Other information service activities nec
This class includes other information service activities nec, such as:

  • computer information services via telephone
  • information retrieval services or contract
  • news reviews, press reviews, etc. services
    This class excludes:
  • activities of outsourced information centers, cf. 82.20

Legal entity data change history:
2008-11-06 2008 November On Thursday, 6 July, a legal entity registered as an individual company T&T Agency, legal form Individual company, registration address Kauno m. sav. Kaunas City New Arrivals 33-33, Guide TM.
17/12/2013 Legal Status Changed From Legal Status Not Registered to Liquidation .
17/12/2013 Liquidator changed or information about him.
17/12/2013 Head of legal entity changed.

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  1. I think they are scammers , they increased total supply from 59 Million to 159 Million without notice and without distribution any extra tokens to the BITS token holders and the price dump 500% then again they increased the total supply from 159 Millions to 1.5 B also without notice and without any distribution tokens for BITS holders and again price dump 400% , they ban any member talk and ask them in telegram group direct .

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