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Date of Birth | July 18 19xx (18/07/19xx)

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Left many top ratings with Ricardas Bernotavicius constantly across the TokenDesk ICOs.

Nerijus Tilvikas has strong connections with TokenDesk and the ICOs as an advisor and via Tipro Group performing their marketing, TOKIA via Notus Technicus UAB the Lithuanian company behind TOKIA and Blockchain Open Fund via Blockchain Solutions. Involved with marketing most TokenDesk ICOs including Miner One, IUNGO and Welltrado.

Joined TOKIA Telegram Group when it was created on 2nd of December 2017


In the last three weeks of April 2019 Nerijus Tilvikas has removed all references to TOKIA by removing Notus Technicus UAB completely from LinkedIn along with Blockchain Solutions and the Blockchain Open Fund. Along with concealing his relationship to TOKIA by using the Notus Technicus UAB and removing other connections he has listed a new relationship with All Media Lithuania however this is just a company that has been spun off from Tipro.

Notus Technicus UAB has now been removed from LinkedIn
Blockchain Solutions has now been removed from LinkedIn

On F6S he claims that he left Tipro in February 2019 however on LinkedIn he claims November 2018.

IUNGO connection which doesn’t mention that he was working for the company promoting this.

„We have met IUNGO at their very beginning of the project.That was a bunch of motivated people with strong background. They have told us the idea which seamed very useful as most of us have experienced the problem of Internet connection. But wait, that’s a big challenge! Could they deal with it?
The ambitions are big but now, after a while, we can see their progress and this hardworking team will definitely make a change in WiFi world!“

Nerijus Tilvikas | F6S Recommendation
IUNGO Recommendation on F6S

Deleted TOKIA tweets sometime in late April or May 2019 that he sent in 2018.

Changed F6S profile in late April or May 2019 to remove all mention of TOKIA.

F6S in April 2019
F6S in June 2019


ICObench | Gave all fives to ICOs he was involved with marketing (with two exceptions).

For example with Tokia where he was their Chief Operating Officer and he gave 5|5|5 on the 5th of December 2017. This is one day after the ICO was listed and weeks before the next rating was given by another reviewer.

Of interest is that both Nerijus Tilvikas and Ricardas Bernotavicius gave a review to Dorado (DOR) on the same day and both gave all 5’s well before other ratings. Both have a connection through TokenDesk amongst other linkages.

1st AUG 2018 | WAR FIELD | Play to Win Crypto! | 5 5 5
30th JUL 2018 | Desico | Welcome to the Ecosystem for Security Tokens | 5 5 5
22nd MAY 2018 |DICEGAME |Open Face-To Face iGaming Platform | 5 5 5
8th APR 2018 | Marginless |It’s Time to Bring Power to Bettors | 5 5 5
29th MAR 2018 | Sharpay |Share Button With Blockchain Rewards | 5 5 5
29th MAR 2018 | Faceter | Know the people around you | 5 5 5
20th MAR 2018 | ORCA | One Token for Your Entire Crypto World | 5 5 5
15th MAR 2018 | Welltrado | Don’t Let Whales Eat Your Crypto. Diversify. | 5 5 5
19th FEB 2018 | Provoco | 1st Social Challenge Network Powered by Ethereum | 5 5 5
5th FEB 2018 | BITCOINUS | Instant bitcoin payments processing | 5 5 5
2nd FEB 2018 | MINER ONE | Crypto Mining Operation | 5 5 5
25th JAN 2018 | Dorado | Robots. Drones. Artificial Intelligence | 5 5 5
30th DEC 2017 | carVertical | Blockchain Registry | 5 5 4

13th DEC 2017 | DreamTeam | Esports Recruitment and Management Network | 3 4 3
12th DEC 2017 | Jibrel Network | Digitize, list, trade and sell traditional assets | 5 5 5
5th DEC 2017 | IUNGO |Global Wireless Internet Providing Services | 5 5 5
5th DEC 2017 | BitDegree | Revolutionizing Education with Blockchain | 5 5 5
5th DEC 2017 | Birdchain |Global Decentralized Instant Messaging APP | 5 5 5
5th DEC 2017 | TOKIA | Forever free Cryptocurrency exchange | 5 5 5

5th DEC 2017 | WePower | Green energy trading platform | 5 5 5


I have over 10 years of experience working on digital products, managing development and marketing teams.

I provide expertise in the adtech, media and blockchain (fintech) verticals.

All Media Lithuania
Head Of Digital

February 2019 – Present 
Content, Marketing & Technical development of and tvplay products.


December 2018 – Present
Our international team provides personalised independent M&A advisory and Brokerage service to a wide range of private clients, primarily in the small to the mid-market range.
We are known for our ability to execute SaaS and digital content/media product transactions. Combining transactional expertise with a creative approach, we aim to secure the best possible outcome for our clients. We are determined in our pursuit of this aim.

Notus Technicus UAB
Chief Operating Officer

March 2018 – December 2018 (10 months)
We’ve been building a cryptocurrency exchange that caters to people who want to easily enter or exit their cryptocurrency positions. Meaning that we’re purely FIAT to Crypto and vice versa exchange.

UAB Tipro
Chief Executive Officer

September 2015 – November 2018 (3 years 3 months)
Verkių g. 36, Vilnius
I’m leading the Product Management team (backoffice of Tipro Group) with a focus on our advertising inventory growth. The challenge is to strike a balance between user retention and maximising profits from programatic & direct ad sales.
Tipro owns or has rights to sell advertising on 50+ websites in Lithuania, like:,,, and others.

Blockchain Solutions
Chief Marketing Officer

August 2017 – July 2018 (1 year)
Vilnius, Lithuania
Using my extensive knowledge of media inventory selling I was leading the media buying process of some ICO projects like, welltrado. I was also consulting crypto fund: Blockchain Open Fund, on their digital marketing endeavours. `
I was responsible for agency selections and management, budget allocations and overall digital marketing performance.
I was heading a small in house team that was able to manage a lot of ICO projects and huge marketing budgets (reaching 9 mln. a month) at the same time. We managed to raise over 120 000 ETH (100mln.+ USD).

UAB Tipro
Product Manager
April 2014 – September 2015 (1 year 6 months)
I was managing technical product development and launch of:,,, and news and ecommerce websites.
I managed our Ad Ops team. Implemented RTB, DMP, PMP, DSP monetisation solutions.
Acted as a liaison between sales, developers and clients to produce highly enticing native advertising solutions (games, content angles).
Managed the development of technical solutions to bypass AdBlocker filters.
Advised on digital marketing, campaign optimisation, tracking and best performance on our network for clients.

Totimedia Co-Founder
Digital marketing specialist
January 2013 – January 2015 (2 years 1 month)
Totimedia is a digital marketing agency. It helps companies improve their online performance through marketing and branding strategies, consistent communication and design.

Chairman Of The Board
Studentų Verslo Tiltas
May 2012 – May 2013
Konstitucijos pr. 7a
A Junior Enterprise is a non-profit civil social organization, formed and managed exclusively by undergraduate and postgraduate students of higher education, which provides services for companies, institutions and society, under the guidance of teachers and professionals with the goal to consolidate and enhance the learning or their members. Junior Enterprises are similar to real companies, counting with the principles of corporate governance like management council and executive board, and own regulation. See less

Co-Founder of events search platform for Lithuania users
Apr 2012 – Feb 2013
Brand development, User traffic growth, web site UI and advertising revenue. Developing brand, marketing and sales strategy.


Vilniaus Universitetas / Vilnius University
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
2009 – 2013