At an unknown date in January or February 2019 the KYC contract that Golder Games had with provider Ondato has been cancelled and all data has been returned to Golder Games (their contract was with War Field which is a product of Golder Games).

KYC which stands for Know Your Customer or alternatively Know Your Client is used to verify the identity of a client and assessing potential risks and is also a part of Anti Money Laundering (AML) requirements that have been a part of the finance industry for a long time.

Miner One required KYC to be completed before tokens would be distributed, they way it worked was you take a photo front and back of your government issued identification (drivers license normally) or a photo front and back of the passport page with your photo and upload this. The next step is a selfie and normally it is requested that you hold a piece of paper with some information including the date on there with your identification document however Golder Games only requested a selfie.

The data is sent to a third party service which in this case was Ondato who verify the information given against the photos provided and send back a pass or fail to Golder Games.

Services such as Ondato hold onto this information but in the case of the contract being cancelled all the data including photos of identification, selfie and other data they looked up to verify your identification is sent to the company. It has been verified by the company that all data has been returned to Golder Games however I was unable to verify the date which of courses raises the question as to why an ICO that is still running would cancel their KYC service?

In this case Golder Games that appears to have exited has hold of information that has resale value or can be used for identity fraud. This is a huge issue and one that will be looked at in more detail.

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