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Sylvia Savi is in a relationship with the CEO of Golder Games Andrius Mironovskis where she is currently employed as the Chief Marketing Officer at Golder Games. She formally worked as Head Marketing Officer at Blockchain Open Fund and worked in Marketing creating the Medium articles at Dorado and other ICOs.

Sylvia Savi has close links to Tomas Martunas as the investor in SalesEyes Ltd which is a company that she Co-Founded. Tomas Martunas has connections to Blockchain Open Fund, Goldfish Fund, LTk Capital, TokenDesk, Foodout and IronWolf Capital to name a few.

Also employed at SalesEyes Ltd is Aurimas Svitojus, Gintautas Savickas and Petras Bartusis. The CEO Gintautas Savickas owns Logtime where Sylvia Savi worked in 2014/2015.

Sylvia Savi has links to many of the people involved in the Lithuanian ICOs through her employment at Blockchain Open Fund and TokenDesk.


SalesEyes Ltd has a UK address and registration but all the employees are in Lithuania and the company does not exist in London.

Slyvia Savi does not mention her employment with SalesEyes Ltd.


Golder Games

Employed Nov 2018 – Present

Digital Marketing Specialist

Employed May 2016 – Present

Blockchain Open Fund
Head Of Marketing

Employed Feb 2018 – Nov 2018

ADS Interactive
Digital Marketing Manager
Employed Oct 2015 – Apr 2016
Location Glasgow, United Kingdom

Marketing Associate

Employed Sep 2014 – Aug 2015
Managing the company website and overseeing the social media strategy.

Account Manager
Employed Aug 2013 – Feb 2014
Location Glasgow, United Kingdom
Handling high-priority customer service issues.

SalesEyes Ltd

SalesEyes Ltd

SalesEyes Ltd

  • Tomas Martunas | Investor
  • Sylvia Savi | Marketing and Co-Founder
  • Aurimas Svitojus | Senior Developer | LinkedIn
  • Gintautas Savickas | CEO | LinkedIn
  • Petras Bartusis |
  • Ernestas Raudonis | Android Developer | LinkedIn

SalesEyes LinkedIn

There is no record of registration in the UK but there is a related company in Lithuania called SalesEyes JSC.

SalesEyes JSC

Registration code | 304081967
VAT | LT100009737914
Manager | Gintautas Savickas
Address J. Savickio g. 4, LT-01108 Vilnius
Mobile phone | +370 612 50330
Website |
Employees | 1 person (insured)
SS insurer code | 2348053
Turnover | 2017: 50 001 – 100 000 EUR

Employment figures provided to the Lithuanian Government do not match LinkedIn and other sites.

Website does not appear to exist.

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    1. Register his Dorado token holdings at and as we get closer we will make contact regarding a class action if one is viable. It takes a lot of time to get each ICO to that point and I’m already working on multiple other ones which will take me another month or more to get close to that point.

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