Golder Games advertising and promotions on Social Media follows that of other sham (and some legitimate) ICOs with paid likes and followers on all platforms. Nearly all advertising and promotion was performed on Social Media as part of the ranking criteria from ICO promotion sites is the engagement the ICO has with investors so high numbers of followers on social media is a must. But how do you build these numbers quickly? It’s really simple, you buy them. And in the case of Golder Games they have not strayed from this path of buying their likes and follows.

Telegram Statistics

The group was created on the 25th of May 2017 by Dzianis Kuchynski.

Very much alike the Miner One Telegram group there was very little discussion and looking at the subscriber list many are deleted accounts or were never heard from in the group with the real figure of active members being closer to 250-500 which is a far cry from the 24768 members shown on the 19th of March 2019.

YouTube Statistics

YouTube Channel:

The number of subscribers does not correlate with the number of views. The average views would be in the low hundreds however the highest watched video only has 15,000 so it’s possible but unlikely this was from legitimate views given the subscribers have been purchased.

Facebook Statistics


Golder Games on Facebook has 31,530 likes and 33,030 following. There is a lack of comments and generally a handful of likes on most posts from the 30th of August 2018, prior to this time most posts were receiving several hundred likes which doesn’t correlate with logic or the number of likes and following. Prior to the 29th this was also the time of the busiest part of the ICO so you can draw your own inference from that. Generally without exception all of the likes are from Asian Facebook accounts, there are generally a few comments at most except where a specific question was asked.

This is the last post before the likes dropped off from generally low hundreds to a handful.

Golder Games | Facebook | 29th of August 2018

Golder Games | Facebook | 30th of August 2018

Instagram Statistics


Golder Games had 13,708 followers on Instagram but remarkably few likes.

Looking at the followers at least 90% appear to be from Asian countries.

Twitter Statisics


Twitter followers of 13,432 seems pretty high considering they only have 69 likes. It would be a fair assumption that they only took the fake followers package and decided against the fake likes.

Twitter followers appear to be around 90%+ paid for with very few organic followers.

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