December, 2016
Built a fully working MVP and integrated first 10 P2P lending platforms.

March, 2017
30 P2P lending platforms integrated and 300 investors referred through Welltrado.

March, 2017
Welltrado raised first investment from StartupWiseGuys.

September, 2017
50000 unique visitors at Welltrado. P2P loan aggregation mechanism initiated.

November, 2017
100 P2P lending platforms prepared for integration to Welltrado. Ready for token distribution.

December, 2017
Legal structure developed for institutional investors to get access to P2P market through Welltrado.

March, 2018
Distribution of Welltrado Platform Tokens.

May, 2018
Application for fund management license in Europe.

October, 2018
Receive the fund managing license.

December, 2018
Version 2.0 of Welltrado loan portfolio management platform for retail investors unveiled.

January, 2019
Token distribution of the first fund: Low yield fixed fiat income.

February, 2019
Version 3.0 of Welltrado loan portfolio management platform for institutional investors unveiled.

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