Tadas Karosas and Saulius Svitojus have been sentenced for bribery

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Tadas Karosas is the Investor of the venture capital company LTk Capital. He is serial entrepreneur, the founder and developer of e-commerce enterprises. Tadas invests in early stage startups and is also a strategic adviser in the businesses that he develops. He is always a learning manager with an ability to solve intractable problems.
Tadas is also well known as the founder and owner of one of the biggest restaurant chains in the Baltics. He has been in the food industry for nearly twenty years and yet still manages to develop new concepts in the market successfully, which leaves him with a strong track record of innovation in restaurant sector in the Baltic States.
Tadas had founded and developed successful enterprises in different sectors – cosmetics and beauty; financial and intellectual security. Currently, his focus areas include e-commerce projects as well as expanding businesses to new markets.

Specialties: Investing, Strategy, Product Management, Venture Capital.

LTk Capital
Dec 2003 – Present
LTk Capital actively manages its investments, exercising control and significant influence over target businesses: defining performance objectives, participating in the development of business strategy, and monitoring its implementation.
Currently, LTk Capital manages a number of companies specializing in a wide range of activities in e-commerce and food industry. For the near future, the company has set investment in promising e-commerce business projects as its top priority.

May 2008 – Present
Pigu.lt is well known for being e-commerce pioneer in Lithuania.
According to RAIT (2014) data, awareness of a brand among Lithuania’s citizens is 70%.
For three years in a row, it was recognized as the best e-shop in Lithuania (Computer Bild Lithuania magazine).
In 2012, Pigu.lt got a prestigious award as the fastest growing company in Lithuania (759% growth in four years).

Cili Holdings
Sep 2013 – Present
Holding successfully grows in Baltic States and just successfully entered new market Spain.
Manages four restaurant chains and franchises.
130 restaurants in total opened in 7 different countries.

Jun 2011 – Present
220.lv is the oldest online shop in Latvia.
According to Rait (2013), its awareness is 87% among Latvia’s Internet users.

Founder, Investor, Board Observer
Kruzas Nordic Cosmetics Distribution
Dec 2004 – Mar 2014
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Kruzas NCD is one of the largest companies in the Baltic states specializing in the import and wholesale of cosmetics and perfumes.
The company has been effectively expanding its operations in all of the Baltic states – Kruzas NCD established a subsidiary company in Latvia in 2007, and began operating in Estonia in May 2009.
In March 2014 Kruzas NCD was successfully sold to Berner company.

2013 – 2014
sau.lt – the e-shop for women. The project was sold to e-commerce leader in the market.

East Island
2005 – 2014
East Island is a chain of spa centers, massage facilities, and beauty salons.
The company has obtained great experience and achieved a leader positioning the local market.

Investor, Chairman of the Board
Cili holdings
1997 – 2013
Tadas with a team created different successful restaurant’s concepts – pizzerias, traditional dishes restaurants, grill and salad bars, healthy food bars, Chinese food restaurants.
During his tenure 130 restaurants were opened mostly in Baltic States, few in Ukraine, Poland, Estonia and Romania.

2009 – 2012
Belgium, Netherlands, Germany
E-commerce project in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.
The activity was sold three years after launching.

2007 – 2011
Internet TV

Gelvoros Saugos Konsultacijos
2001 – 2008
Debt recovery and management company, which was successfully sold to Swedish company.

2000 – 2008
Gelvora was physical and intellectual security company, the basis of which currently works Falcksecurity in Lithuania.

1991 – 2004
Started importing cosmetic products and opened its first chain of cosmetics and perfume stores Sarma.
It was the first company to introduce a self-service system in these stores in Lithuania.
The portfolio of world wide brands represented by the company has expanded significantly in short time.
Sarma retail chain of cosmetic stores, was successfully sold to the German holding Douglas Group.

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