Already the first co-founder is denying any knowledge of the criminal acts that took place in the Miner One ICO but who knew, who should have known and who can play dumb about their role in a $6+ million scam?

The key area of the deception started in July and ended in August, it’s not possible that the people involved in the newsletters or the photo taking or the video or the construction of the containers can claim they didn’t know what was going on. Let’s look at each one of the players in more detail.

In the Facebook Live video on Wednesday the 5th of December 2018 Darius Udrys and Pranas Slusnys spoke and answered questions. Pranas said they were finishing installation of full capacity of mining facility and they plan to be completed finished with 4620 miners installed by the end of the week ready to resume mining. Pranas said they had three staff full time and one part time and he elaborated that Darius was working one day per week. One full time person is responsible for Technical and Maintenance, one person for Social Networks and Community Support (split across a few people but FTE equivalent) and himself. He also said they would have the new site with half a cent cheaper power sorted in the next week but maximum two weeks and they had enough reserves for four at least but maybe five months before they have to make tough decisions.


The founders are the three people who started the ICO and they also received a bonus of 10% of the ICO value in the form of MIO tokens. Whilst Pranas may have been the CEO he was only one part of the founding team who are all responsible both legally and morally for the events that have taken place.

Jonas Udris promised transparency when this ICO started but where is the transparency now? Where is a copy of the contract between the three Co-Founders? Now is the time to show this to the investors of Miner One who have lost the money they that entrusted to you and Pranas and Andrius.

Jonas Udris on the 5th of January 2017 with his promise!

If this doesn’t exist this is at the very least negligence on the behalf of Jonas Udris who made it clear in his statement he was there to look after the legal side of Miner One. How much money did each of the three Co-Founders put into Miner One? What are their wallet addresses?

Two of the Co-Founders recently tried to remove the term founder to distance themselves from this operation? Why did they do this? This raises more questions regarding what Co-Founder Andrius Mironovskis and Co-Founder Jonas Udris knew or should have known about the scam. Being a Co-Founder brings legal and moral responsibilities, they cannot claim that they had no idea of the scale of the scam that was being committed under their noses. Can they really claim they never went to look at the 12 containers or the 3850 miners that arrived? They all live in Vilnius which is a small city of 500,000, the location was close to the airport and yet they try to claim they knew nothing? Both of these Co-Founders are also involved in the $12,000,000 ICO scam called Golder Games and both of these Co-Founders have said nothing about that.

Pranas Slusnys | CEO and Co-Founder

Pranas Slusnys assured the investors that his personal and professional reputation costs more then the $4 million of miners and containers but little did everyone know that they only had 80 to 160 miners and two rusted out shipping containers!

I have a simple and sincere answer: My personal and professional reputation costs more than all those miners and containers.

Pranas Slusnys | 28th of January 2019

Hello Miner One Community,

I would like to confirm that a group of investors requested a formal investigation regarding me and the Miner One project in Lithuania, the investigators took away all my computers, phones and all other digital equipment and restricted my mobility – I cannot travel to other countries. I believe in the professionalism of government investigators, and when they complete an investigation, everyone will receive an official answer to a questions raised by some members of the community.

I also want to inform you that all the equipment is connected and ready to continue mining operations. I can provide you more detailed information only after I will get back all my electronic equipment.

Please keep in mind that I currently have very limited access to communication channels and do not have full control over the project.

I am very sorry for the current situation and I will do my best to resume all Miner One operations in full scale as soon as possible.

Pranas Slusnys

Pranas Slusnys | Miner One Telegram Group | 14th of March 2019 at 1400 (GMT+2)

Andrius Mironovskis | Project Owner and Co-Founder

Silence from Andrius Mironovskis after Miner One failed with a loss of $6+ million and Golder Games failed with a loss of $12+ million. After losing $18+ million of investors money a statement would be expected but both of these ICOs were closed using the standard ICO exit scam method.

Jonas Udris | Co-Founder and Legal Advisor | I know nothing!

Jonas Udris was quick to issue a statement after the release of articles on the 12th of March 2019 and silence since that time, he posted in the Telegram group the following statement and has ignored all requests for comments. Where is the promised transparency now?

Dear Miner One community,

As a legal counsel of the Miner One project, I hereby regret to inform you that last week I was questioned by the Financial Crime Investigation Service of Lithuania (FCIS) in the status of special witness regarding my work in the Miner One ICO, where I have learned that CEO and a sole owner of a Miner One FZE (a United Arab Emirates company), Mr. Pranas Slusnys is under investigation of fraud.

I was involved in the Miner One project as a co-founder and legal advisor from the very beginning in November 2017 until June 2018. My responsibilities included drafting the White Paper, Terms and Conditions, Token Sale Agreements, Miner One Prospectus and a number of other legal documents, as well as counseling the management, the team and the community members regarding legal matters of the project.

After the end of the ICO, Mr. Pranas Slusnys continued to operate the company as sole owner and director and my services were no longer required since then.

I am fully cooperating with the investigation and I have provided all the information which was in my possession. I hope that the investigation will be as quick as possible and all the answers will be made public.

To my knowledge, all Miner One staff members were let go in early January 2019 in the name of saving costs.

In the meantime, I will keep you informed on the progress once I will have any updates.

Jonas Udris

Jonas Udris | Miner One Telegram Group | 12th of March 2019 at 07:30 (GMT+2)

Senior Staff

Darius Udrys | Brand & Business Development Advisor

Darius Udrys has made a statement but it doesn’t clarify how he wasn’t aware that the first containers were abandoned immediately after they filmed the video, that they never filmed any more video or took photos of the next of the claimed 10 containers and 3850 miners nor how he never raised concerns surrounding the increasing frustration from the investors at the lack of evidence in the Telegram group that he was an admin in.

He posted a message on LinkedIn on the 8th of February 2019 saying that has was no longer with Miner One from the 1st of January 2019? Why six weeks between the dates and why even post that you have left like you want to distance yourself from the company?

The 10 containers and 3850 miners were claimed to have arrived when Darius was at Miner One, it’s inconceivable to think that a Brand & Business Development Advisor would not be promoting this huge expansion and arrival of over $3,000,000 in equipment with photos and video from arrival to the final install! Why not even drive past the location to take a look? What about photoshopped images? Wouldn’t you question why there was only one photo taken?

In the Facebook Live video on the 5th of December 2018 Pranas said they had three staff full time and one part time, Darius he said was working one day per week but made no mention of his hours before this time.

Last Friday I spoke with DELFI journalist Edgaras Savickas and confirmed to him in writing that in 2018 I provided paid consulting services to Miner One. In accordance with my expertise, I advised the company on branding and communications. I was included in the company’s list of advisors as advisor for branding and business development. I want to emphasize: I was not a part of the company’s management and did not participate in the company’s financial decision-making. I am not and was not a shareholder, partner or founder. The CEO of the company was Pranas Slusnys and the company was a client. All communications were coordinated with the client and information in them was provided by and confirmed by the CEO. We regularly made video recordings wherein we discussed with him the progress of the project, plans and implementation. A video recording wherein I personally participated last summer showed equipment being installed that was part of the first phase of the project. My consulting work with this client ended right after the New Year, when I was told my further services would not be necessary, including any public communication on behalf of the company and internal consulting. On a personal note, it is a real pity to be reading this.

Darius Udrys | Facebook | 12th of March 2019 at 13:54 (GMT+2)
English version posted on his other Facebook page at 14:21

Dzianis Kuchynski | Head of Community Support

Dzianis Kuchynski has changed his LinkedIn and Facebook and removed references to Miner One and Golder Games in the weeks proceeding the 15th of March 2019.

Artsiom Khudoba | Senior Assistant Manager

Artsiom Khudoba has removed all references to Miner One from his LinkedIn profile.


Contractors are people who were introduced to work on specific projects like the Smartcontract.

Genadijus Zverugo | Electrical Engineering Expert

As one of the key people in the building of the containers Genadijus is likely to have more information around the staging of the containers and may also have played a part in the $6+ million scam.

Genadijus Zverugo | 12th of July 2018 | working on build of container


The general staff were casuals from what I understand, like all the scam ICOs they hire generally younger people out of university who are willing to work the hours required,whom operate from home in a vacuum essentially and work from a script.

More to come…..

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