This is the location seen in the Facebook live videos from Miner One, this is where the containers were also seen running and this is also the location where these containers were left to rot.

Address: Eišiškių pl. 28, Vilnius 02190, Lithuania

Location Google | Bing | 54.640984, 25.262122

The security that Pranas Slusnys has been charging thousands of dollars for.
Containers were never finished after the last videos in August.
The top container is completely empty, this was a scam from day one.
Duplicate these two containers five more times and you have 12 containers.
The interior of the container, just like it was in the last video minus the small amount of miners.

Comparison 1

The following image on the left is a screen grab from the Miner One Facebook video on the 12th of July 2018, this was the key image that was used to find the location, the second photo was taken on the 30th of January 2019. The following similarities are immediately visible but note that the capture was taken from a low resolution Facebook live video that was taken from a moving camera.

  • The same stack next to the building which appears to be covered stairs (originally it was thought that this was a chimney stack).
  • The same windows and roof on the building behind and the same roof profile in front.

Comparison 2

The image on the left is a screen capture from the same Facebook video on the 12th of July 2018 and the image on the right is taken from a different angle of the same camera on the 14th of February 2019. The following identical areas are seen on both photos, the trees are visible because of where the photo was taken from, from the same angle the trees are off to the left of the camera in the left hand image.

  • The pattern in the concrete above the camera coming down on an angle.
  • The camera is the same type with the same conduit running down away from the junction box and the same IR/floodlight mounted above it on the same angle.

Comparison 3

The image on the left is also screen capture from the same Facebook video on the 12th of July 2018 and the image on the right is taken from a different angle of the same camera on the 14th of February 2019. Again this is from a different angle and altitude but you can see the following areas that are identical.

  • Floodlight mounted on top of the wall (on the left image it appears on the 6th row of glass from the right and the on the right image it’s in front of the 2nd row of glass).
  • The glass brick that is damaged in the top left hand corner of the right hand window.
  • In the middle of the photo there is a damaged part of the brickwork between the two windows.
  • The cracks on the front of the concrete are identical between the two.

Comparison 4

The photo on top of the following is a screen capture from the Facebook live on the 12th of July 2018 and the image on the bottom is taken from the other side of the fence in February 2019. The same power pole with cameras and floodlights is visible and in the background on the right hand side is the building that allowed the containers to be found.

Comparison 5

This photo shows how they took the one photo of the containers and replicated this to create an illusion of ten more containers. It’s taken from a different angle but it shows that all they did was replicate the existing containers and moved them in and out a little to appear as if they were stacked together.

Comparison 6

The Facebook live video from the 16th of August 2018 showed the shroud fitted over one of the fan units, there is another one fitted below it from the photos taken in January and February 2019 and the following all provide further proof that this ICO was nothing but an elaborate hoax especially given the extensive data centre experience that Pranas and team claimed to have.

  • These shrouds are poorly constructed and not sealed (flashed) against the weather on top where they allow water to run down the recessed sections and into the container.
  • There are no screw holes around the other fan locations that would indicate that any other shrouds were fitted to the other fan locations. There was no sign of other shrouds on site so these two were likely made up as one offs.

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