The Miner One Telegram group has been essentially abandoned by Miner One, rules that used to keep the group a useful resource are now forgotten as investors and spammers post anything including offensive material due to a total lack of moderation or response from administrators. However there is one type of post that is cracked down on hard by sole remaining administrator Pranas Slusnys, not offensive material but instead it’s legitimate discussion around specific areas like the blockchain findings which are removed quickly.

Clearly a raw nerve has been touched but unlike Pranas Slusnys the blockchain evidence will never be going away.

The rules for the Miner One Telegram Channel

The group is now filled with all types of posts from spam to offensive material to suicidal images.

Another user banned apparantly because he asked about the findings on this website.

To answer the question regarding the 746,940 MIO. These tokens are not related to the 10%, 6% and 2%. I state further up in the article that the tokens that are supposed to be locked are actually unlocked but are untouched. These 746,940 tokens were distributed at the time of token distribution into nearly 100 wallets until immediately before the first payout. The only reason you would do this would be to conceal this from the investors who looked at the distribution of tokens after the ICO so they wouldn’t see an unexplained 746,940 tokens in one wallet.

And last but not least the posting of pornography which Pranas does nothing about.

I touched on this subject in a Golder Games article about the administrators removal of posts and users from a group that really acts as a support network and this really applies to Miner One and other ICOs as well but that is the stress and not just financial that investors will be under as a result of losing in some cases huge sums of money.

I have heard many stories from investors and some of the worst are those who have invested the equivalent of two years wages from third world countries, this amount of money may not be a lot to those who are taking all the money from the ICOs but to these smaller investors it can be everything they have and puts them in a position of enormous financial stress.

At this stage the admins still involved would know what is happening and removing posts from concerned investors whilst leaving spam and off-topic discussions in place leaves no doubt as to their involvement in the events that are occurring. The choice to engage in immoral conduct that may not be criminal of nature but is certainly a moral one is something that the admins will have to carry with them for the remainder of their working lives at least, this will not go away even if they remove the links to these ICOs on their LinkedIn profile and resume. All those involved in these activities including management will have to live with the burden of any investors who take their own life.

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