On the 1st of March 2019 comments had been posted that complained about the project by two different group members, one saying he had lost faith and the other went further and said he had lost all his substantial investment and he wanted the police to arrest them. Very soon after before screenshots could be taken the comments were removed and the users were banned from the group and all their past posts were deleted. The spam and off-topic posts that have plagued the group since the admins stopped moderating remained and the only things removed were legitimate questions from the previous days.

This is not the first time this has occurred and Golder Games admins have been caught removing data from the Internet regarding the project in a futile attempt to clean up after themselves.

The Spam and Off-topic comments remain but genuine comments are removed.

Checking the admins who were online at the time showed the following

Darius Udrys – Admin
Artsiom Khudoba – Admin
Jonas Udris – Admin

All these admins were online at the time the deletion occurred and it is likely that they all played a part in the removal of the messages. However Artsiom came back online soon after the deletion so it is possible that he removed the posts on the request of Jonas and/or Darius.

Removing posts from concerned investors who in some cases have lost substantial amounts is a troubling development that calls into question what the admins know and their role in covering up. Some of these investors may be under great financial pressure and removing their posts and banning them from a support network of other people in the same predicament says a lot about the people making these decisions.

I have heard many stories from investors and some of the worst are those who have invested the equivalent of two years wages from third world countries, this amount of money may not be a lot to those who are taking all the money from the ICOs but to these smaller investors it can be everything they have and puts them in a position of enormous financial stress.

At this stage the admins still involved would know what is happening and removing posts from concerned investors whilst leaving spam and off-topic discussions in place leaves no doubt as to their involvement in the events that are occurring. The choice to engage in immoral conduct that may not be criminal of nature but is certainly a moral one is something that the admins will have to carry with them for the remainder of their working lives at least, this will not go away even if they remove the links to these ICOs on their LinkedIn profile and resume. All those involved in these activities including management will have to live with the burden of any investors who take their own life.

Artsiom Khudoba – Admin

The other admins were all offline.

Andrius Mironovskis

On the 2nd of March 2019 the same occurred, the admins removed a legitimate post within 30 minutes of it being posted but ignored all the questions for help along with the spam and other content. Essentially anything that is posted that says anything negative about the project is removed.

6 members deleted including the investor who posted this message.

The left screenshot was taken at around 20:00 and the right at 20:30. Within 30 minutes two administrators were online, deleted all the posts and banned 6 investors like they never existed. There were only two admins on at this time, Dziania Kuchynski and Artsiom Khudoba.

(times shown are UMT +10)

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