According to Pranas Slusnys the 12 containers and 4620 miners were on the road to Kharkiv on Tuesday the 5th of February 2019. Twenty three days have passed at the time this article was written and still no photos of the equipment, no word of it’s connection, no mention that it’s all arrived and really nothing from Pranas Slusnys the CEO of Miner One and the owner of the company (funded by the investors).

The distance from Vilnius to Kharkiv via Belarus is only 1144km, allowing some downtime for adventures along the way and the occasional wrong turn this means they are 21 days overdue.

“I take the relocation process very seriously, as the equipment has to be transported in unfavorable weather conditions, and there is no room for doing a show. I am going to the Kharkiv region in Ukraine myself to oversee the assembly process. The relocation was critical, as the electricity prices in the Baltics have increased since January, 2019, and our current supplier was unable to fulfill his obligations to deliver us the price that we have agreed earlier in 2018” – says Pranas Slusnys, CEO of the Miner One project.

Pranas Slusnys – Newsletter 11th of February 2019

Clearly they took an alternative path due to the stringent security required and this took extra days, but on the 18th of February 2019 in a Newsletter Pranas Slusnys said most containers had arrived at the location but still no photos as they had a lot of work that couldn’t be done in advance like preparing the site, upgrading the power supply etc.

“There is still work to be done: connecting the power supply, network infrastructure and security measures on site. It seems that our relocation contractor is doing a great job” – says Pranas Slusnys, CEO of Miner One.

Once all the installation and connection works are complete, the equipment will undergo extensive testing to ensure the power supply can withstand a workload and network infrastructure is working properly.

The detailed report on the relocation works will be provided upon completion.

Pranas Slusnys – Newsletter 18th of February 2019

It’s now been over ten days since “most” containers arrived and the work started to connect them yet no detailed report, no photos, no video and well nothing at all from Pranas Slusnys who was on-site overseeing the assembly work? Maybe put some of the USD $4.5 million to use and buy a camera!

So Pranas Slusnys, where is the relocation detailed report with photos? 
And where are the missing containers? Did you lose some along the way?

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