Temperature in Vilnius for August to November.

  • August 2018 average temperature 19°C with a range of 8°C to 31°C.
  • September 2018 average temperature 14°C with a range of 0°C to 27°C.
  • October 2018 average temperature 8°C with a range of -1°C to 19°C.
  • November 2018 average temperature 2°C with a range of -10°C to 13°C.

Despite the large temperature variations each month the power usage was exactly the same for all four months. This makes no sense as there would be variations between the months as lower temperatures means lower power usage even if only from the fans in the Antminer S9i which are variable speed.

The average daily power usage per miner each month was 34.23 kWh from the figures provided by Miner One.

Two Delta QFR1212GHE-SP01 or equivalent fans are fitted to the S9i’s which at 100% fan speed use 1.8A (21.6Wh) and at 50% fan speed use 0.5A (6Wh). Assuming in August they ran at 100% and in November 50% this would be a daily power usage in August of 21.6Wh x 24 hours = 518.4W and in November this daily usage would have been 6Wh x 24 hours = 144W. The difference is a reduction per miner per day of 518.4W – 144W = 374.4W.

The average daily power usage per miner each month would reduce to 33.85 kWh and this doesn’t factor in ASIC power reduction in lower temperature and the fans in the container running at lower speeds.

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