Mantas Marciulaitis is the Director of TOKIA in Lithuania and as the London address is a sham like the other CEOs does this make him the CEO of TOKIA?

There is no mention of TOKIA or UAB Notus Technicus on his resume and he removed himself as the director of UAB Notus Technicus. Why?


Date of Birth | xx/xx/1983

Mobile Phone: +370 659 94718 | Registered to Mantas Marčiulaitis

Mobile Phone: +370 698 11141 | Registered to Martynas



UAB Notus Technicus (TOKIA)

Registration code: 304725910
Registered on: 6th of December 2017
Address: Lvovo g. 105A, LT-08104 Vilnius
Address: J. Basanavičiaus g. 26, VILNIUS
Mobile phone +370 698 11141
SS insurer code: 3126289
Director: Mantas Marčiulaitis

UAB Jumadis

Mantas Marčiulaitis is the head of UAB Jumadis (Jumadis, UAB) which is a consulting company.

Registration code: 121438476 (old code 2143847)
Manager: Mantas Marčiulaitis
Address: Pylimo g. 64-3, LT-01307 Vilnius
Mobile phone: +370 659 94718
Employees: 1 person (insured)
SS insurer code: 58092
Turnover | 2013 to 2017 under EUR 5000 each year

UAB Saugema

Mantas Marčiulaitis is the head of UAB Saugema (Saugema , UAB) which is a construction company.

Registration code | 304554313
VAT code | LT100011208819
Address | Islandijos pl. 95-57, LT-49176 Kaunas
Mobile phone | +370 698 11141
Employees 1 person (insured)
SS insurer code 2983562
Company age 1 year 9 months 29 days

Another Address | Partizanų g. 146 (Dainava), 50335 Kaunas


Not sure what the company is behind this.

Phone: +370 659 94718


Specialities: Strategy, Digital enterprise.


Jan 2017 – Present
Delivering data driven change in your organization

Various IT management positions
Vaasan Group

Jul 2008 – Jun 2016
Helsinki, Finland

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