TOKIA Companies

Tokia, LTD, 6 Thornes Office Park, Monckton Road, West Yorkshire, Wakefield, England, WF2 7AN

Notus Technicus, UAB, Lvovo g. 105A, LT-08104 Vilnius

Tokia ltd. and UAB Notus Technicus are the same company.


Tokia Ltd (Company number 11093662) was incorporated on the 4th of December 2017 as a private company limited by shares (1 GPB and 1 share).

The company that was used to submit the application was Companies Made Simple a Division of Made Simple Group Ltd at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London England N1 7GU. This is the same company used for TokenDesk in the UK.

Company Director is Ms Anna Petrowna Lunhu, a Belgian national born in August 1981 who resides in Monaco, the document is signed the 1st of December 2017.

On the 23rd of February the removal of Ms Anna Petrowna Lunhu as director was filed and the appointment of Mr Nathan Tafer a French National born in October 1977 took place. No address was given however he was said to reside in France.

Failure to lodge the company return in March 2019 has resulted in action being taken to strike TOKIA LTD from the register on the 21st of May 2019.

21 May 2019 First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off
01 Mar 2018 Confirmation statement made on 1 March 2018 with updates
01 Mar 2018 Notification of Nathan Tafer as a person with significant control on 23 February 2018
01 Mar 2018 Termination of appointment of Anna Petrowna Lunhu as a director on 23 February 2018
01 Mar 2018 Cessation of Anna Petrowna Lunhu as a person with significant control on 23 February 2018
01 Mar 2018 Appointment of Mr Nathan Tafer as a director on 23 February 2018
04 Dec 2017 Incorporation

Companies House UK

Tokia is a Lithuanian company, the staff were based in Lithuania and the Tokia address in England is a mailbox address which forwards mail called the European Business Centre. The TOKIA KYC/AML policy is also Lithuanian targeted.

personal number (applicable to the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania);
date of birth, personal number or another unique sequence of numbers for the identification of the person (applicable for foreigners);

Tokia KYC/AML Policy

UAB Notus Technicus

Registration code: 304725910
Registered on: 6th of December 2017
Address: Lvovo g. 105A, LT-08104 Vilnius
Address: J. Basanavičiaus g. 26, VILNIUS
Mobile phone +370 698 11141
SS insurer code: 3126289
Turnover | 2017 under EUR 5000
VAT payer | LT100011332414 from 2017-12-20 to 2019-01-12
Director: Mantas Marčiulaitis
Rekvizitai | English | Lithuanian (more information)

Legal entity data change history:
2017-12-06 2017 December. On Wednesday, 6 July, a legal entity registered in UAB “Notus technicus”, legal form Private Limited Liability Company, registration address Vilniaus m. sav. Vilnius City J. Basanavičiaus g. 26, manager MM, director, authorized capital 2500 EUR, number of shares 100 pcs.
2017-12-06 Changes in the business objectives of the legal entity.
2017-12-20 VAT registered, VAT number LT100011332414.
2018-01-03 Head of legal entity changed.
2018-01-04 Shareholder (s) or shareholder (s) changed.
2018-04-13 Head of legal entity changed.
2018-04-19 Registration address changed from Vilnius city. sav. Vilnius City J. Basanavičiaus g. 26 to Vilnius sav. Vilnius City Lvovo str. 105A .
2018-06-08 Head of legal entity changed.
2019-01-12 Value added tax payer, VAT number LT100011332414.

Employee Numbers (In Lithuania)

2019-01-04 had 0 person (insured)
2018-12-04 had 2 people (insured)
2018-11-02 had 3 people (insured)
2018-10-11 had 5 people (insured)
2018-09-11 had 6 people (insured)
2018-09-02 had 5 people (insured)
2018-08-08 had 6 people (insured)
2018-06-02 had 5 people (insured)
2018-05-04 had 6 people (insured)
2018-03-21 had 5 people (insured)

2017-12-21 had 3 people (insured)
2017-12-15 had 2 people (insured)
2017-12-13 had 1 person (insured)

Coinimal GmbH

Tokia appeared to have a relationship with Coinimal GmbH which is based in Vienna, Austria. Tokia Terms and Conditions say that “Tokia GmbH (“Tokia”; formerly Coinimal GmbH)”.

Coinimal GmbH was founded in 2014 to operate a platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and is located at
Siebenbrunnengasse 17/1, Vienna, 1050 Austria

It has two CEO’s listed, Mr. Paul Klanschek and Mr. Eric Demuth.

Going to their website redirects you to Bitpanda GmbH –

I’ve contacted Bitpanda for comment and they responded to say they have no relationship with TOKIA and it appears that TOKIA has plagiarised their Terms and Conditons.

Financial Providers

Paysafe Financial Service Limited

Paysafe Financial Service Limited, Canada Square 27-25, E14 5LQ, London, United Kingdom

Mistertango UAB

Mistertango UAB, Perkūnkiemio g. 2, LT-12126 Vilnius

Finpass, UAB

Finpass, UAB | Third party KYC provider | the information provided by TOKIA is Finapass, UAB which doesn’t exist.

KYC information is sent to the following company to check against their list of politically exposed persons and sanctioned persons
Comply Advantage, 9th Floor, Newcombe House, 45 Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3LQ

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