Operation Details

August 2018September 2018October 2018November 2018
Number of Miners770770770770
Operation Capacity100%100%100%100%
Mining Start Date19/08/201801/09/201801/10/201801/11/2018
Period End Date31/08/201830/09/201831/10/201820/11/2018
Operation Period, Days13303120
Total Output BTC5.344811.606911.51097.6967
Power Consumed BTC3.6488826478.65339.56108.4375
Power Consumed USD*25359.7458522.2760,473.3339,015
Power Consumption kWh**342,699790,841817,207527,230
Power per Miner per day34.2334.2334.2334.23
Administration BTC0.5344847831.16071.15110.7697
Net Output BTC1.16151.79280.7988-1.5105
Total Payout ETH29.037550.751425.71460
Payout per MIO ETH0.00000173516860341260.0000030327072090.0000015366049570

* Calculated from supplied BTC/USD price
** Calculated from 7.4c USD power price

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