Monday 18th of February at 18:53 GMT.

Images not included in this text only version, download the PDF versions. This had a chart of BTCUSD/GOLD and a LAToken image attached.


We are happy to observe the recovery of the bitcoin price which can be a good sign that this “crypto winter” is coming to an end. Many indicators show that bitcoin has established a strong support at $3600 and now the only way is up!

One of the main postulates of technical analysis says that history tends to repeat itself. Many analysts see similarities between the rate of bitcoin and the price of gold. And current situation with bitcoin is pretty similar to the price of gold in the period of 2000-2001 when the biggest rally of the gold price in history has begun. Read more on this here…

Let’s all hope this is a good start of an uptrend!


The relocation to Ukraine is at its final stage. Most of the containers along with the mining hardware have been transported to the new location and the installation is underway.

“There is still work to be done: connecting the power supply, network infrastructure and security measures on site. It seems that our relocation contractor is doing a great job” – says Pranas Slusnys, CEO of Miner One.

Once all the installation and connection works are complete, the equipment will undergo extensive testing to ensure the power supply can withstand a workload and network infrastructure is working properly.

The detailed report on the relocation works will be provided upon completion.

The mining at full capacity shall be resumed once the bitcoin rate and mining difficulty rate makes it profitable.


We were informed that Tokia is downgrading its operational capacities, and they have unilaterally decided not to support MIO tokens anymore. This decision was a surprise for us, therefore, we advise our token holders, who hold their tokens at Tokia, to withdraw them to another ERC-20 compatible wallets. Please read here on how to safely store your tokens….

Once mining is resumed and profitable again, we shall continue development of our own B-Wallet solution.

If you experience any technical difficulties, please send an email to indicating your email address, which is associated with your Tokia account, so we can resolve the issue directly with Tokia support on your behalf.

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