Andrius Mironovskis

Founder and Team Leader
Andrius has 10+ years of experience in project management, UI/UX design, and software development. A serial entrepreneur and startuper, he is also founder and CEO of CFlow – a cloud-based accounting application.
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Donatas Kanapickas

Chief Developer
Donatas has 7+ years of experience in web, software, and game development. He has long been passionate about the newest rendering technologies and graphics programming. Donatas has worked on many 3D projects ranging from virtual reality applications to webGL product visualisations. In recent years he has primarily been focused on graphics programming, the newest game technologies, and general game development.

Rimas Puriuskis

Operations and Co-Founder
With 5+ years of experience in sales, negotiation, and customer satisfaction – most recently as digital marketing and community manager at Miner One – Rimas is responsible for project management, marketing, and sales.

Jurijus Chitrovas

3D Design Artist
Jurijus’ experience is in visuals for games, movies, and commercials. He specialises in character and environment art, and is an enthusiastic innovator.

Erikas Perl

Lead 3D Design Artist
Erikas is an expert artist with more than 10 years of experience. He is also the CEO and the creative director of the digital art studio GOODNAME. Experienced both in game and movie visuals, he provides insightful guidance to projects requiring a unique artistic touch. He has been featured on the renowned artists’ platform IAMAG and on the game news site KOTAKU.

Alkas Aleksandravicius

Lead User Interface Designer
Alkas has 4+ years of experience in UI/UX design. He is WAR FIELD’s primary graphic designer and illustrator, and has a strong background in web project development while illustrating design ideas using storyboards, process flows, and sitemaps. Alkas is currently upgrading his skills studying graphic design at the Lithuanian Academy of Art.

Julius Serenas

Server Guru & Wizard
A RedHat-certified UNIX engineer and DevOps specialist, Julius specialises in multiple UNIX and Linux operating systems, Docker containers, and application clustering software. He is an experienced front-end developer and loves building applications to scale.

Dzianis Kuchynski

Dzianis has 5+ years of experience in project management with strong communications and strategic skills based on his experience as president of European Humanities University Students’ Union, ex officio member of the University’s Board of Governors, and head of community support at Miner One. Dzianis focuses on establishing effective internal and external communication with key audiences.

Tom Frisina

Executive Advisor
With almost four decades as an industry leader in the interactive digital media world, Tom Frisina has an expansive career facilitating and advising a myriad of corporate clients on expanding their company’s economic and industry achievements – most recently as Executive Chairman of Tilting Point – a private equity funded and leading publisher within the mobile gaming industry. Tom also founded a division at Electronic Arts (EA) entitled EA Partners while serving as its senior vice-president and general manager. The division is known for such global hit franchises as Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Lord of the Rings, James Bond, and Rock Band. Tom’s past roles include board advisor to Bally Technologies of the casino gaming arena in the area of third-party product development. He is an advisory board member at Imagination Park Entertainment – an emerging leader in augmented reality. He is also executive advisor today and past chairman of thatgamecompany – winner of the 2013 Game of the Year Award for its hit title Journey, and the company behind Apple’s soon-to-be-explosive new iOS mobile game, SKY.

Benjamin Tershana

Marketing & Business Development Advisor
Ben brings 22+ years of sales, marketing, and development experience to the team. He’s spent 16 years focusing on the games business and has been a major revenue contributor at Electronic Arts, IGN, GameSpy, and many other mobile and social media startups. Currently he is head of gaming at InMobi – a global mobile marketing platform that helps mobile game developers drive revenue and grow their app user community.

Adalberto Bruno

Technical Advisor
Adalberto is a mobile platforms and digital ecosystems expert, a gaming industry veteran, and a VR/AR pioneer. CTO of various technology companies, he was also technical director with Electronic Arts for 8 years, working on multiple successful mobile games.

James Dillon

Production Advisor
James is a production expert with 25 years of experience. He has worked with major games publishers including EA Mobile, where he headed up world-wide production, Square-Enix Mobile as production director, game producer with Sony PlayStation, and manager of Orange France Telecom’s games platform.

Dylan Sharkey

Commercial Strategy Advisor
Dylan is an experienced technology executive who was instrumental in raising over $20 million for the blockchain projects he has worked on. He joined LinkedIn before their $350 million IPO in 2011. As LinkedIn’s head of sales solutions for the Middle East and North Africa, he helped launch their Dubai office and grew it from 3 employees to over 100.

Darius Udrys

Brand & Business Development Advisor
Darius is a communications and development consultant with two decades of international experience in Europe and the United States. Darius helps companies and organisations raise funds and develop and communicate their brand, mission, and message. He is strategy director and founding partner at Neue Unica branding agency.

Quyen Nong

Marketing Advisor
Quyen is managing director of 7marketz EMEA and has over 11 years of experience in marketing, forex, retail and e-commerce throughout Europe and Asia. He is an early adopter of cryptocurrency and with years of working experience in the news sector, he is conversant with the latest blockchain technology developments.

Jonas Udris

Corporate and Legal Advisor
A corporate and public law expert with 12+ years of experience in the public and private sector, Jonas has managed numerous projects related to legal databases and business registries. He specialises in online voting and is an evangelist for secure and transparent solutions with end-to-end verifiability.

Andriy Sharanevych

Networking and Connections Advisor
Andriy is an experienced executive and entrepreneur with an over 20-year history in gaming industry. He has founded several companies that created more than 50 games of various genres for PCs, consoles, web, and mobile. Co-founder and CEO of Rockspro – developer of premium software and games for social and iGaming verticals – Andriy is also founder and organiser of the Crypto Games Conference – a semi-annual international business event designed for blockchain gaming professionals. Andriy is an enthusiastic networker and frequent guest at major gaming conferences and meetups all around the world.

Scott Shirley

Professional Player & Game Tester
Scott is a former professional e-sports player in both Halo and Call of Duty and is currently a marketing and development consultant. Scott has over 10 years of experience in competitive gaming and 5 years of experience in marketing, sponsorships, and brand development.

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