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March 2018

April 2018

May 2018

May 3 2018 | $14,888 domain name domain name purchased for $14,888 and transferred with no renewal.

May 14 2018 | 100 GLDR = $1

Medium Article | “Want a Piece of the Action? Earn Real Crypto Playing WAR FIELD” | Andrius Mironovskis, CEO

GLDR will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges to facilitate convenient trading. The supply of GLDR will be strictly limited in order to protect their value. The target of our “monetary policy” will be 100 GLDR = no less than 1 US Dollar.

This is the first of many claims for the GLDR price which are covered in the article Golder Games Promise of Increasing Token Value.

May 25 2018 | War Field Group Created

Golder Games War Field Telegram group created by Dzianis Kuchynski.

May 25 2018 | Admins arrive

Golder Games Administrators join

  • Sevi RA @sevi_ra
  • Oksana @oksana_vi
  • Sofiya @sofiya_utsenkova

May 28 2018 | Admins arrive

Golder Games Administrators join

  • Salomeja @salomejaa

May 31 2018 | Admins arrive

Golder Games Administrators join

  • Yuliya Prus @juliaprus
  • Katsia Khinevich @katsia27
  • Aselia Ismail @aselllia
  • Yana @yanashy
  • Iva @ivaskalon
  • Aleksei @alexkhudoba
  • Tornike Umankoshvili @Umanko
  • Sasha Malashkov @unhlcvlt

May 31 2018 | The Game

➔ First, we bring you a fully-functional, action-packed “first-person shooter” game that requires no download or installation and uses real and tradeable ERC-20 cryptocurrency — the Golder or GLDR Token — for in-game purchases and earnings.

➔ Second, by leveraging revolutionary blockchain technology, we offer the possibility of withdrawing earned or saved game cryptocurrency and selling it on an exchange or directly to others (once the Token Sale Event has ended).

➔ Third, we are building a platform so that other games we offer in the future can use the same cryptocurrency in their economics.

➔ Fourth, we will offer our open platform and API to other game developers to join and offer players a whole new world of gaming excitement and opportunities.

14th of May 2018 | Want a Piece of the Action? Earn Real Crypto Playing WAR FIELD | Andrius Mironovskis, CEO

June 2018

June 19 2018 | ICO Fund Usage

Admin posts about the ICO fund usage. 60% marketing, 30% development and 10% legal and administrative costs.

June 21 2018 | Game fully functioning

June 28 2018
Admin (Aselia Ismail | @aselllia) posted update on War Field game v0.75,0.76,0.77 ALPHA.

June 28 2018 | Token Pre-Sale Commences

Token Pre-Sale (Pre ICO) commences after technical problems.

June 29 2018
Admin (Dzianis Kuchynski |@DzianisKuchynski) posted update to the War Field game v.0.78 ALPHA.

June 29 2018
Admin (Sofiya | @sofiya_utsenkova)

July 2018

July 4 2018 | Pre-sale Round 1 Sold Out

150,000,000 GLDR sold at 60% discount.

July 6 2018 12:00 GMT | Pre-sale Round 2 Commences.

July 9 2018 | Pre-sale Round 2 Sold Out.

150,000,000 GLDR sold at 55% discount.

July 12 2018 | Pre-Sale Round 3 commences

July 20 2018 | Pre-Sale Round 4 commences

20th of July 2018 | Pre-sale 3 sold out 28 hours

July 27 2018 | Pre-Sale Finished

Admin (Oksana | @oksana_vi) posts that the Pre-sale is over.

August 2018

September 2018

October 2018

November 2018

November 14 2018 | Change of name from War Field to Golder Games

The Golder Platform is not merely an idea in someone’s head. It’s not just a “white paper” or a nifty plan. The Golder Platform is already a fully-functioning platform for great video games that use the Golder Token Economy.

Third-party developers are getting in on the act, too. Golder Games management is busy hammering out deals with independent game developers to get their content onto the Golder Platform so players have more options to make money playing video games they love.

13th of November 2018 | Golder Games: WAR FIELD Is Just the Beginning

November 15 2018 | End of Token Sale Event $12 Million

15th of November 2018 | Golder Games Telegram Group

November 26 2018 | GLDR trading on CoinBene

“The GOLDER Coin’s utility — players need them to play and win more — and scarcity — the final amount has been fixed forever — is as good a guarantee of its value as you’re going to find these days,” says Golder Games CEO Andrius Mironovskis. “With more Golder Games that use GOLDER coming soon, you can expect demand to increase.”

The company’s first offering — WAR FIELD — is already up and running, with thousands of players competing in death matches to win GLDR from each other. More Golder Games are in the works, including a demolition derby called DIRT FIELD, a chess game, and others…all of which will use the Golder Platform to let players win GLDR from each other. Now, GLDR can be traded on CoinBene.

“This fulfils Golder Games’ promise to literally let players make money playing video games,” notes Mironovskis. “From here on out, players will be able to conveniently cash in on their gaming skills using GLDR and CoinBene.”

26th of November 2018 | Golder Coin Now Trading on CoinBene

November 29 2018 | Lost Island Map Released

29th of November 2018 | Golder Games Facebook Post

December 2018

January 2019

January 2 2019 | Crypto Games Conference Conference

No winner ever awarded! Golder Games never booked into attending the conference themselves.

January 9 2019 | Glock Airsoft Competition Winner

1224 entries from 350 participants | 1 per hour of game play per entry

Winner John_galt

January 11 2019 | 2018 War Field Wrapup

2018 was a big year for us…and thank you for being with us. We launched the fully-functional ALPHA version of WAR FIELD – our first video game that lets you win cryptocurrency from your opponents – along with the GOLDER (GLDR) ERC20 cryptographic token, which we successfully listed on the CoinBene cryptocurrency exchange. As a leading blockchain gaming portal Gameunculus put it: WAR FIELD is “a huge step towards making crypto gaming enticing to a bigger audience”.

Our ambition for 2019 is not only to vastly expand the WAR FIELD player base with an exciting, no-holds-barred marketing campaign (currently in the works), with ongoing improvements to the game, but to also add new games to the Golder Platform.

Which means you may want to hold onto those GOLDER – our growth and development should make them worth much more in the future!

The past year was not without challenges. To be perfectly honest, we did not foresee the extent to which dealing with cheaters would become a distraction from game development. More resources had to be devoted to preventing abuse in order to protect honest players. We are still dealing with the problem and want to be sure we have solutions in place before moving out of ALPHA phase.

To those of you who have been honest, fair, and patient as we work out all the kinks in the ALPHA version we want to say: THANK YOU! Your feedback, critical thinking, participation and enthusiasm keep us going. And when we get big, you will have the satisfaction together with us of having been there at the start!

WAR FIELD is based on one simple idea: letting players monetise their gaming skills. The challenges of making this a reality have been extremely interesting and stimulating for our development team. We have developed a lot of new and interesting methods for keeping “the dark side” off and out of our Platform.

We know many of you have been frustrated with the delays in payouts that have resulted from our battle with cheating. We want to be certain that we can mitigate the problem on a large scale before kicking things into high gear.

As is often the case in the game development industry, we thought we would be there sooner. We are very sorry for the delays and want to reassure you we are working as fast as we possibly can as we prepare to go big. At this point, we expect these issues to be conclusively resolved by the end of January, and payouts to be resume normally.

Once again, thank you, dear WARFIELDERS, for the many helpful suggestions, feedback, and ideas you share with us, for playing fairly, and for being a part of this exciting project!

11th of January 2019 | Golder Games Telegram Group | Dzianis Kuchynski

January 14 2019 | Full on Marketing by Darius Udrys

Full on marketing will start soon and demand will increase with more users.

14th of January 2019 | Golder Games Telegram Group | Darius Udrys @DariusUdrys

January 18 2019 | Complaints about one month withdrawal

Many complaints persist about the one month + withdrawal times that was blamed on cheats requiring all withdrawals to be checked.

January 22 2019 | Roadmap Removal

Roadmap removed from the website before the 22nd of January 2019 because they are “updating it” and it is still not available.

22nd of January 2019 | Golder Games Telegram Group

January 23 2019 | Marketing to Start

Full on marketing will start soon and demand will increase with more users.

23rd of January 2019 | Golder Games Telegram Group | Dzianis Kuchynski @DzianisKuchynski

January 26 2019 | Secret Agent Bounty Program Competition

Secret Agent Bounty Program launched. Winners announced February 19th.

January 28 2019 | Dirt Field and War Field

January 31 2019 | Project Paused Indefinitely

Due to the project being paused for further development and the global change in the in-game economy, moderation and community support has been suspended until further notice.

However this is not communicated to anyone and instead a quiet exit is performed.

February 2019

February 11 2019 | Abandoned?

No updates from team, is project abandoned.

Febraury 15 2019 | Apple iOS and Google Android

Apple iOS and Google Android versions due to be released but are not.

February 16 2019 | Confusing messages from admin

Dzianis Kuchynski posts that development is still occurring

February 19 2019 | Secret Agent Bounty Program Winner

Winner to be announced Secret Agent Bounty Program. There was only one entry to the competition so selection should be easy.

February 20 2019 | More time needed

Dzianis Kuchynski claims more time needed to select the winner.

March 2019 – The End of the Road

March 23 2019 | Maintenance

May 2019 | A Failure to Deliver

May 15 2019 | XBOX and PlayStation

XBOX and PlayStation versions due to the released but are not.

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