Update again!
Attempt to move them again ASAP but make sure you take screenshots of as 
much information as you can to prove ownership in the event that something occurs.

27th of February 2019 – try to move the tokens again, if it fails try again a few times and when it goes to pending check your wallet and they should appear after a short time. It may fail a few times but keep trying at least three times. If it keeps failing follow the following advice.

Take screeenshots or print to PDF all pages that are relevant inside your Tokia wallet in particular your wallet address.

The TOKIA wallet is not a real wallet, it uses the HitBTC exchange via their API. They delivered none of what they promised despite the tens of millions that they raised at ICO. I have contacted HitBTC to find out what assistance they can offer to get the MIO moved from this TOKIA controlled wallets.

The response from HitBTC was that they could only store tokens that are listed on their exchange and as such MIO was not using their infrastrucure. This means they are likely managing the “wallets” manually and this is being looked into and explains why there are long delays in having the MIO transferred back.

Shortly after my email was responded to via HitBTC this email was received from Tokia sent on the 14th of February 2019 at 17:49 GMT. The subject of the email is “MIO asset removal from TOKIA exchange”

We are removing MIO token from TOKIA exchange

Minerone (MIO) token holders please note that we’re removing this asset from TOKIA exchange by the end of February.
Please withdraw your MIO tokens until March 1st. 

This decision has been made because MIO is not making any more payouts and security assets are not tradeable on our platform.

Login Link is https://exchange.tokia.io/Account/Login

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    1. If you can send through your MIO details using the ICO Registration form at https://www.icoinvestigation.com/ico-registration and in the comments section put in the public key (not your private key!) that you sent the MIO from and the wallet address that you sent the MIO to (if you don’t have this it’s ok I’ll work it out) and the amount you sent. I will look into this and get back to you soon with what I find. Keep the picture handy because they will likely remove the Tokia website soon so that is part of the proof. All is not lost so don’t give up hope.

          1. Thanks Matthew,
            I did moved them to imToken walllet, but they are still at Pending status since yesterday, any suggestion!


          2. Hi Mohamad,

            TOKIA should be releasing the tokens soon according to the post from Pranas in the Miner One telegram group. He said they were looking at the problem. Any updates will be sent to me by someone in the group and I’ll post them here and the other Miner One group.


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