The text from the two false press releases sent by Furat Al-Murani to numerous press outlets.

40MW Solar Farm | September 2019

Helios Energy Secures 40MW Solar PV contract in Namangan, Uzbekistan.

NAMANGAN, Uzbekistan / BANGKOK, Thailand, September, 2019 – The Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Helios Energy Co. have signed an agreement for the development and construction of a utility-scale Solar Photovoltaic installation in Namangan, Uzbekistan.

According to the agreement, Helios Energy will procure, construct and oversee the installation of a 40 Megawatt Photovoltaic facility in the economic free zone of the city of Namangan. The solar plant with provide clean, renewable energy to meet the electricity demands of the area already undergoing a rapid transformation.

Speaking with media at the Invest in Namangan international forum from June, Helios Energy CEO Jeremy Tan said: “Solar is the future, and there is great potential for progressive partnerships in this exciting and ambitious region.”

The agreement between Helios Energy and the Ministry of Innovative Development underlines Uzbekistan’s commitment to installing 4GW of Solar PV by 2031. Construction is expected to start later this year, and be completed by the end of 2020.

Furat Al-Murani
Chief Public Relations Officer | Helios Energy Co.

110MW Solar Farm | October 2019

Helios Energy to construct 110 MW Solar installation in Sirdarya Region, Uzbekistan.

SIRDARYA REGION, Uzbekistan / BANGKOK, Thailand, October, 2019 – An agreement has been reached between The Ministry for Innovative Development Uzbekistan and Helios Energy to build the vast photovoltaic installation in the region of Sirdarya. The deal comes only a month after Helios Energy announced the agreement to construct a 40 MW Solar park in Namangan, Uzbekistan.

In a similar deal to Namangan, the Thai Solar company will oversee the engineering, procurement and construction of the 110 MW site in Sirdarya. This collaboration with the Ministry of Innovative Development will see 220,000 500W solar panels being used across an estimated 80-hectare site. The installation will provide renewable energy to meet the demands of a hotel and casino complex already under construction in the region. The company will start laying cable early 2020, with an aim for the site to be fully operational by late 2023.

In a press conference in Bangkok, Helios Energy CEO Jeremy Tan was full of praise for his Uzbek partners. “Uzbekistan isn’t just talking the talk when it comes to the climate crisis, it’s walking the walk! Helios Energy is planning to stand alongside Uzbekistan for the long term and trustful cooperation in achieving the country’s sustainable development goals.”

Helios Energy already has a Memorandum of Intent with the government of Uzbekistan to expand the Namangan site to a total of 360 MW, as well as two fixed rate Purchasing Power Agreements in place in Thailand totalling 470 MW.

This 110 MW PV array reiterates the commitment Uzbekistan has made to develop up to 5 GW of solar power by 2030, supplying a quarter of its electricity needs through renewables in the process.

Furat Al-Murani
Chief Public Relations Officer | Helios Energy Co.

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