The former CEO and Co-Founder of Nauticus Exchange has now started up a COVID-19 Supply company ostensibly to help fellow “Australians”.

This is the first appearance of Bryan Ng who disappeared with $19.4 million USD of investors money (including fellow “Australians”) along with COO and Co-Founder Jonathan Chang in late 2019. The same Bryan Ng that CPA Australia failed to take action against.

He claims to be the CEO and Founder of a company called Covid19 Supply in Victoria however a check of active ABNs and names shows that no such name exists anywhere in Australia. This company claims to have been operating since January 2020.

29th of March 2020 | ABR Business Portal

The claimed TGA certification still does not appear on the TGA website after four months.

When the world in desperate for help, we have great responsibility as world citizen to help our fellow Australian and also people in other countries.
My mission is to slow down the spread of covid19 pandemic.
We have to work extremely fast in our network to bring in medical supply and other supply to help Australia.
We are working with local and international supply chain.
Our products have certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) and United States of America (USA).
We are pending with our TGA certification.
Our priority plan is to work together with Australian government and approved organisation to ensure there are enough supply for our front line Australian to combat covid19. Our target to help Australian working in hospital, pharmacy, supermarket, food production organisation, food distribution organisation and delivery organisation.
Our plan also to get some funding with financial institution to ensure we provide more employment to Australian.
If you or your organisation want to purchase or donate supply or medical supply to front line Australian, please feel free to contact us.

Bryan Ng | LinkedIn

China has the exact same test in January. I am trying to bring in the test and masks and donate to some hospitals. Let put our helping hand together to help australia.

Bryan Ng | 29th of March 2020 | LinkedIn
29th of March 2020 | LinkedIn

If you have been contacted by Bryan Ng or have had any dealings with him please contact us ASAP.

More news to come…..

Great article, perhaps we should focus on how many employment opportunities and whole supply chain created in Australia by his firm then we can see what is the true economic value contribution to Australia. I believe Australia needs more entrepreneurs like them to make real economic contribution, we are more than a country just dig up dirt to export, we need to support them plus other company like Afterpay to export to the world.

Bryan Ng | March 2020 | LinkedIn
March 2020 | LinkedIn

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  1. Shocking to know that no action has been taken on the Nauticus scam ICO. The millions must be traceable, must be somewhere. Has any one reported to the ASIC or police ?

    1. If you look at the main page under “Breaking News” there are links to a complaints and activity log as well as an article on what you can do.

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