Following hot on the heels of the Thai SEC announcement yesterday that SolarStake was an ILLEGAL ICO, Helios Energy has been ruled an ILLEGAL share offering today.

Added to the Helios Energy SolarStake entry is the “Unapproved public offering of newly issued shares” for the traditional shares that Helios Energy are offering to existing SolarStake investors and selling directly to investors in Helios Energy.

All legitimate businesses are required to to be registered with the Thai SEC for both ICO and traditional share offerings, Helios Energy and SolarStake are NOT registered because they are unregistered businesses being used for criminal purposes. A license check can be performed on the Thai SEC website.

Yesterday the action taken was for SolarStake and it’s ILLEGAL ICO with “Unapproved public offering of digital token”.

27th of March 2020 | Thai SEC Investor Alert
27th of March 2020 | Thai SEC Investor Alert

An unregistered company selling unregistered shares for products that don’t exist.

Gary Brooks, Jeremy Tan, Andrew Fornes, Furat Al-Murani, Richard McClary, Alex Karpinski, Martin Weiss and Ugo Nwagwu are all engaged in the covering up of information that proves they are all involved in criminal activities. They will continue their attempts to discredit the author and this website until they are shut down by the authorities in multiple countries. A number of investors including Jason L-H and Christo S are actively involved in the promotion and coverups of SolarStake, Helios Energy and/or Veritas Mining.

More information to come soon about this….

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