Complaints have been filed with CPA Australia by email detailing the full extent of what has occurred at both Nauticus and First Accountants Pty Ltd, both owned by Bryan Ng who had his own company perform an audit that found that nearly USD $19.4 million was raised but the Co-Founder and COO claimed later that they only raised USD $3.2 million.

Not only that but First Accountants Pty Ltd took payments for the ICO through their own bank accountants.

The full complaint can be read in Making a CPA Australia Complaint about First Accountants as an Investor.

The summary of what happened at Nauticus is available in What happened at Nauticus?

Search performed on the 21st of February 2020

CPA Australia have failed to take any action, they demand that complaints are made on their form along with all your personal details so they refuse to act despite all the evidence being given to them.

At the end of day what is the point in the CPA program if they refuse to act when given so much evidence? Who are they supposed to the protect? The public? CPA reputation? or their own interests?

Bryan Ng is now running an unregistered company called “Covid19 Supplies” out of Melbourne and is soliciting donations. The lack of action from ASIC, other authorities and organisations like CPA Australia has allowed this to occur.

Feel free to email and express your concerns at their lack of action.

The email address to send your complaint is [email protected]

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