Monday 11th of February at 15:34 GMT

Images not included in this text only version, download the PDF versions. This had the photo of the 12 containers (FAKE), one of the BTC difficulty and a LAToken image attached.


The relocation of the mining containers is going as planned, using a contractor from Ukraine. For security reasons, specific dates, routes and other details shall not be disclosed. The relocation includes partial disassembly of the containers, as the miners themselves are not permanently fixed on the shelves of the containers.

“I take the relocation process very seriously, as the equipment has to be transported in unfavorable weather conditions, and there is no room for doing a show. I am going to the Kharkiv region in Ukraine myself to oversee the assembly process. The relocation was critical, as the electricity prices in the Baltics have increased since January, 2019, and our current supplier was unable to fulfill his obligations to deliver us the price that we have agreed earlier in 2018” – says Pranas Slusnys, CEO of the Miner One project.

It’s important to mention, that we have received several offers to relocate the mining equipment to other locations, some as far as Northern Canada, but, under these circumstances, the cost of transportation and import duties, and other risks involved makes Northern Ukraine the best possible option at the moment.

The relocation to Kharkiv region should cost est. $21’500. These costs include preparation, transportation, and reassembly of the mining containers and all the equipment. 


As stated previously, the Miner One Telegram group is no longer actively supported in order to avoid excess operational costs. Reduced channel moderation, unfortunately, has led to slight chaos in the content, which is getting hard to manage.

We encourage MIO token holders to follow our E-mail communication, as we currently have no plans to resume the moderation of the Telegram channel.

For all inquiries, please use email adderss We will try to answer as soon as possible. Frequently askes questions will be addressed in the newsletters.


The current BTC/USD rate has stabilized itself at the level of around $3600, which is within a tunnel of $3200-$4000. However, the difficulty rates have recovered since the last month, meaning that profitable mining can be resumed only with BTC/USD rate close to $5000. 

Currently, the company reserve is being used to maintain routine operations, but even with all costs being cut down to a minimum, the reserve is quite limited. However, the whole line of market signals indicates a rising demand for Bitcoin, which, in turn, will inevitably lead to a jump in Bitcoin price. 

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