Yes. This is another of Jeremy Tan’s faux accounts used to control conversations in the Veritas Telegram Group.

  • This is a selection of the 325 posts that Matthijs posted in the Veritas Group, I did not include the posts in other groups as these had zero activity.
  • Matthijs had in depth knowledge of Veritas Mining.
  • You will note that with one or two exceptions that Jeremy Tan posts within 30 minutes either side of Matthijs and at times within seconds.
  • Matthijs slowed the postings in 2019 but returned after a months break to support Andrew Fornes after he attempted to sell all his tokens on the 22nd of August 2019 and on the 1st of August 2019 he supported CJR who was supporting Jeremy Tan over the power outage. On the 30th of July 2019, Jeremy Tan quoted Matthijs after a 2 month absence.
  • Matthijs would engage in lengthy conversations with Jeremy Tan, often these stopped when others joined in

Hmm, I am also buying just because I like @Xphenos

Matthijs | 6th of June 2018 | Veritas Telegram Group
  • Joined | 23rd of December 2017
  • First Post | 24th of December 2017
  • Last Post | 22th of August 2019
  • Total Posts | 325

Matthijs Veritas Telegram Group Posts

5th of March 2018

9th of March 2018

9th of March 2018

9th of March 2018

10th of May 2018

Matthijs (Jeremy Tan) talking to kung fu (Jeremy Tan)

10th of May 2018

19th of May 2018

6th of June 2018

1st of December 2018

2nd of December 2018

2nd of December 2018

Matthijs (Jeremy Tan) with Jayne Tulia (Jeremy Tan)

17th of December 2018

30th of July 2019

1st of August 2019

22nd of August 2019

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