After the newsletter today Pranas Slusnys returned to the Telegram group to post after many days of silence however it wasn’t to answer any questions but to go on the offensive.

It was the 11th of February 2019 at 21:39 when he first claimed that the FinTelegram article has misleading information and that they had issued an official statement (not supplied) to have it removed or corrected. Legal action is their next step he claimed and Pranas continued to attempt to discredit those who are speaking the truth.

Pranas Slusnys next attacked the creator of this website for spreading FUD and claimed they attempted to make contact despite nothing being received. He claimed the website was created for one single purpose – to diminish the reputation of the Miner One project. For what reason would the author do this when even Pranas Slusnys himself said that the author was Miner One’s biggest supporter when he extended a personal invitation for a full tour of the Miner One operation? Pranas Slusnys this website is going to tackle other people like yourself so don’t think you’re worthy of your own website! If you read the articles they frequently mention the author as having posted and there is a screen shot with name attached.

So they’re not sure that it was the author but they will limit (BAN and DELETE all posts made) the authors account and anyone else who attempts to spread the truth about Pranas
Slusnys and Miner One.

Pointless legal threats, the defence against defamation is of course the truth but I wouldn’t expect Pranas to know this.

The legal action threat makes no sense, Pranas wants to evaluate options but he doesn’t want community members to bear responsibility (cost?) for a constant and pointless fight. It appears that the only person spreading hate and FUD is Pranas himself through refusing to answer legitimate concerns, refusing to release real photos, refusing to supply real financial information and shutting down legitimate lines of conversations.

In other words we will no longer answer questions.

Telegram support has effectively been totally stopped, this follows a common pattern in other ICOs and leaves the only communication from Pranas in the form of newsletters as emails go unanswered.

The response to Pranas was clear, there was no contact and the authors details are on the website, the reason for the false claim is that he has no grounds to request that anything be removed as everything that has been written is the truth. As to his cybersecurity expert that also couldn’t find the links I would normally suggest that they should go on a basic internet course to learn how to use a website but as this was Pranas Slusnys making the claim this will no doubt be another attempt to mislead and there was no cybersecurity expert.

An Investor with the pseudonym of “Vegan Hero” was also banned for asking for proof of the hardware in any format from photos to invoices. This is not being a hater or a fudder but a legitimate request from an investor concerned about the lack of transparency, any legitimate operation would be willing to share a photo of the miners or a photo of an invoice but there is only one reason why you would produce FAKE photos and that is to hide something.

This says it all, banned!

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