SolarStake | Feb 2, 2020 · 1 min read

As of midnight last night, the main sale of SolarStake drew to a close.

We raised $181,619 which funds 326,914 Watts of solar panels in Thailand. 62% of the investment came from SolarStake team members.

All applicable remaining Referral and All Investors tokens will be distributed this weekend.

The team would like to thank investors for their trust and patience. We will have an update on the Namangan development in the very near future.

Response from Aleks Inbox

How can be profit with no solar panels and build all this with just $180000. Solar Scam!Thank you for god they stopped this scam from hurting more investros.

2nd of February 2020

Response from SolarStake

Hi Aleks,

Thanks for your response and for demonstrating you have no understanding of the offering whatsoever.

Firstly, the team suggest you read the white paper:

SolarStake invests into solar installations in Thailand.

The Uzbek deal you have linked is a legitimate contract between Helios Energy and the Uzbekistan Government. You might want to consider that it has been shared by the Uzbek National Media and leading PV industry publications (for example) who are unlikely to publish (and print) imaginary contracts.

Please feel free to read some legitimate sources of information. It will help with your understanding.

2nd of February 2020

Response to SolarStake

Hello SolarStake,

Why are your responses so condescending yet lack any real facts?

Furat Al-Murani the Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer wrote the press releases that were sent to those media outlets.

Where are Helios Energy and SolarStake registered?

The World Bank Group who are funding Solar Facilities in UzBekistan have said they are not involved with Helios Energy. Why is this?

SolarStake have not delivered on a single promise they made. Why is this?

More to the point of course where is your solar facility when it’s been proven that the photos are in fact of a demonstration facility in Thailand.

What Happened at Helios Energy and SolarStake?

So who has the reason to lie here, the people trying to take money from investors for a non-existent solar facility with team members all of which have a long list of failed ICOs behind them or someone who is publishing information all of which is easy to verify?

ICO Investigation

15th of February 2020

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