After weeks of ignoring investor questions, and banning ever more investors for it, a rare official response from Veritas Mining was published in response to an investor who had just visited Thailand. However, it failed to address the specific observations which caused Ric to want to question the operations length of time without power, as well as why it appears to be operated by just one man who is always sick when we pay for a team. Instead, Furat Al-Murani repeats the party line, reinforcing the false narrative that they have been without power going into their eighth month, even as the suppliers ‘biggest client’ and ALSO at the same time as being able to sell solar power from the Helios installation back to the grid, in spite of the technical impossiblity of such a feat, admitted by Ed Swinenberg in the ICO chat, who s an advisor to Veritas and engineer.

However, Jeremy Tan the CEO, again, did not comment, possibly because he wasn’t able to tear himself away from organising the dumping of ETH into exchanges as fast as SolarStake ICO investors can pay it – so the duties fell to his right hand man Furat Al-Murani to respond.

9th of February 2020 | Veritas Telegram Group

Hey Ric. Cheers for the message. I’ll try help where I can. I’m one of the largest investors here, and know Jeremy personally, so am probably quite well placed. Yes it’s frustrating not having regular, solid divs. Pls understand we are probably more frustrated than most

I had hoped we would be back online 24/7 a few months ago. We passed that info on because that’s what the electricity company told us. The flooding and storms fucked the infrastructure, and unfortunately their timeline was wishful rather than grounded in a plan.

In the meantime, we moved miners to where we could, basically peoples houses and continued from there. The old facility was cheap, and near to the workforce. Finding a new one that meets both these criteria hasn’t been easy. It’s either a two hour trip and we’d need to provide a bus, or it’s so expensive if profitability takes a hit we go into the red.

It’s not so much a one man show as it is spec being the one to communicate what’s happening. I appreciate the comms haven’t been great. Do bear in mind, ‘mostly offline, looking for a new site’ is where we have been for months.

Regarding mateys site, each is free to read and decide what they think. Those who remember him will know how credible he is. Engaging directly imo is trying to reason with someone irrational and unstable. Tho I would say that, being the sycophant I am

Furat Al-Murani | 9th of February 2020

Everything contained within this post is either false and/or defamatory, particularly the incorrect attribution of ownership to the much slandered ex-investor, Matey. Again, not only does he avoid answering a single question and the chance to respond to the mounting evidence against them, but instead seem limited only to dishonest responses which usually personally attack anyone who gathered the evidence.

Relevant articles that prove this statement is worthless.

The day started out with a number of questions asked by investors. Jeremy Tan who was in the group all day only answered one and ignored the others. He also gave an answer that was yet another lie (see Mining for Six Days ..)

9th of February 2020 | Veritas Telegram Group

Furat Al-Murani wrote his response at this stage and a few minutes after an investor asked another question which has been ignored by Furat Al-Murani, Jeremy Tan and Andrew Fornes, all of whom were online.

After 100 minutes had elapsed they came up with the response that they still have no power after 8 months. The power company despite the claimed friendship between Jeremy Tan and the CEO that saw him given unheard of discounts are unable to reconnect them.

9th of February 2020 | Veritas Telegram Group

The support from Sam loco and Håkan Eriksson despite the evidence against Jeremy Tan, Furat Al-Murani and Andrew Fornes is best summed up by the first sentence from Håkan Eriksson, “I know nothing about anything.”

Andrew Fornes supports everything said by Furat Am-Murani but only manages a succinct response devoid of any detail.

10th of February 2020 | Veritas Telegram Group

Sam loco, [10.02.20 00:44]
[In reply to Jason Waterfalls]
I have always found you to be mature, honourable, straightforward and on point. You cut out all BS and say it as it is. Being one of the biggest holders also gives your comments the greatest credibility of all. Never seen you to be flustered under pressure from any quarter including the irrational Matey. I on my part hear you loud and clear

Andrew – SolarStake |, [10.02.20 03:21]
[In reply to Jason Waterfalls]
Just +1ing this, couldn’t say it better or more balanced. For me personally, you can all follow along my wallet activity and note the continuing accumulation. Pretty much speaks for itself.

Håkan Eriksson, [10.02.20 03:46]
I know nothing about anything. But I’ve always found the people in the project being above board. Of course I’ve been very disappointed in what happened just as we were going to take off.. But still believing that the team can get things up and running again. And so far I have not seen any reason to trust that weird site. So far two people have sent me PMs about this company. One was that Simon fella that I’ve never talked to (if he’s not Matey of course. And that guy I despised for how he communicated with people). And one from that Matthew fellow crying about being banned.. So, I see no reason to look more into that stuff. At least not until the pictures of Jeremy doing coke from the butts of ladyboys does surface 🙂

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