You may recall from part I of Containergate when I mentioned the number of photos that had been taken for part of the container build yet for the build and fit-out of the next ten containers there were zero (no really they said zero) photos taken according to Miner One. In a day when people take a photo of literally anything this to me is as likely as BTC hitting $1,000,000 in 2020 (Sorry John McAfee). The additional 3850 miners apparently arrived on the 30th of November 2018 and were delivered to Miner One on the 3rd of December 2018 according to an email sent on the 4th of December 2018. In this same email they said that negotiations were underway for cheaper electricity prices according to Pranas Slusnys.

After months of requests for photos Miner One finally sent two with a newsletter on the 28th of January 2019.

One External Photo
One Internal Photo

The internal photo bugged me but I couldn’t put my finger on it, no matter how much time I spent looking at the far end I couldn’t figure out what was wrong so I concentrated on the external photo but it hit me when I looked at the miners and realised they were facing the wrong direction, that the junction boxes for the power were on the other side of the rack and that one of the rack supports ended in mid air! Someone has merged the two with a photo taken most likely on the 16th of August 2018 as the lighting matches photos from that day.

The Internal Photo marked to show the main areas.

The main areas to look at are the yellow rectangle which shows the junction boxes for the power, this fitted on the front not the rear and the boxes have been squashed during the photoshopping.

The next is the blue circle, this is a Bitmain S9 ASIC Miner and this is the front of it which should be facing the other way which is when it’s in the correct photo.

The red circle shows one of the shelf posts disappearing into thin air, where it’s gone nobody knows.

The next photo will show you the front and rear of the shelving so you can see the issue with the above photo. Front is the photo to the left.

The external photo shows many signs of having being photoshopped, these are highlighted on the numerous areas following and this will be examined in more detail later to show that these are the same containers duplicated.

The Internal photo also has issues, this includes the Miners are not plugged in and appear to have been placed there for the photo, there is no ducting installed which raises the question why you would remove the ducting given how much work there is when you can easily cap them from the outside and there appear to be no miners installed at the far end. Plus there are no miners installed on the top row or the bottom rows like in Containergate part II.

Further to this, there are two types of containers shown, one where the door is on the left when looking at the exhaust side (the bottom containers) and one where the door is on the right when looking at the exhaust side (the top containers).

The first two containers made both faced the same direction with the door on the left, however the second container which we never saw inside has a different style of door to the ones shown above. So the question has to be asked, where is the 13th container?

Notice that the second container has a different door profile with a straight part across the top and no inset panel section at the bottom. Check the photo below for the areas marked up.

There are key differences between the two containers.

  • The two red areas show the door profile at the top, the container on the right has an unusual slope on the door that is clearly visible whereas the on the left does not.
  • The purple areas show the door differences, the container on the right has a recessed box area on the front on both sides, the container on the left has a standard door design with no recessed area. All the containers in the photos that Miner One provided have an inset door on the bottom.
  • The green circle shows a vent that is clearly recognisable on the outside of doors at the front and these are also located at the rear in the same location. The second image is from the Miner One photo showing the rear of the top six containers all having the same rectangular box. What does this prove? Count the number of of lowered sections in between the two vents and you will get 5 in total.
This is an enhanced section of the container from the four photos from Miner One on the 27th of June 2018.

The photo above is of the second container that is normally not seen in any interior or exterior photos or video but was used to show the building of the containers. The original photo shows the doors and is view-able on part I of Containergate.

Notice the number of sections between the vents, total 5 and in total there are 9 of them.

Next we look at the image inside the container that is fitted out.

Notice the number of sections between the vents, total 7 and in total there are 11 of them.
Total 9 recessed areas and 5 between the vents. These are the other style of container and different to the ones on the bottom.

This raises a number of questions but the main is simple.

The containers on top are all the same style and the containers on the bottom are also all the same style. To keep this simple the container on the bottom will be Type 1 and the container on top Type 2. Both Type 1 and Type 2 containers had the same orientation when they were manufacturing the original two, the containers in the photos supplied by Miner One have the Type 2 containers on top with a different orientation. What happened to the original Type 2 container? I have a theory shortly based on the facts as they are known. The Miner One Financials don’t show an additional container being purchased because one was damaged so clearly they didn’t purchase another one and they could never have started mining at full capacity days after the last video if one was damaged due to lead-times to build a new container.

During a Telegram Q&A that the twelve container edited photo above instigated it was re-iterated multiple times by Pranas Slusnys that the photo was real and apparently, that is the only photo that they took. That have promised to deliver more photos however it took seven days to get one more photo from an angle that also has been photoshopped.

Following is the photo provided a full week later on the 5th of February 2019.

The top container has had the vents photoshopped in. Further to this, the containers on top match the second container style that was seen with the completed container but for some reason was never shown on any of the videos or photos released and of course this is not possible as the second container had the door on the same side as the bottom container. Detailed in Containergate part II, a full container with 385 miners has never been seen.

Something is amiss here.

These are the main issues with this photo (there are too many areas to try and identify).

  • The gap where the yellow rectangles are is different at the top and bottom, given the first photo showed this as vertical and the 40 foot length of the container and the one below is straight it is implausible for it to be so far out.
  • The red circles show the exact same overhang, I can accept one container being improperly stacked but all of them with the exact same overhang? No.
  • The gap at end of the containers is different and the vents on top do not match up with previous photos of this Type 2 being built (but of course the orientation is incorrect).
  • The gap at the purple rectangles is so far different at the top and bottom that this is not possible given the length of these containers.

The only logical explanation that can be deduced from this information is that the original Type 1 container is on the bottom and that the original Type 2 container is on top. The container on top has had vents from the lower container photoshopped onto it otherwise it’s a new container of the same type. Miner One has duplicated this stack of containers five times and placed them next to each other.

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    1. Not only the plates, all of the brands and names are covered. look at the red bus and this black rectangle covering what’s on it. I don’t agree with all of the points in this article as I’ve already mentioned this in the private group. f.e. containers are NOT identical, they might be photshoped, but all the areas I looked out from the original photo turned out to be NOT identical. Once again, this might very well be photoshoped, but I suggest focusing on what was promised – “more photos on February 1st” and what was delivered – one photo on February 4th not really showing anything new showing anything new. Also, we don’t have poll results URL.

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