On the 8th of February 2019 a written complaint was filed with the FNTT (Financial Crime Investigation Service) in Lithuania to back up an earlier complaint with more detail. As a result of this complaint Pranas Slusnys was arrested soon after and what went on behind the scenes was published on this website as well as in the media in Lithuania. The information provided by this website exposed Miner One and Pranas Slusnys as being involved in the theft of an estimated USD $6 million.

This complaint has been followed up continually and a lot of additional information provided however progress has been slow and feedback has not been as forthcoming as investors would like which combined with the FUD being spread by persons unknown (who have some involvement in the scam) has led to some investors losing hope.

As I have communicated before the recovery of funds is not going to be as straightforward as was early hoped as the ICO funds have been hidden.

In the interest of as much transparency as possible the contact details for the FNTT for investors to contact for updates is as follows.

Email | [email protected]

When you contact them tell them that you are a Miner One investor and you would like an update on the current situation of the investigation.

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