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Secrets of Zurich LTD Meet the Other Traders! | 2nd of December 2019

Meet the other traders!

Join SOZ trading community to share your experience.

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Matas Sauciunas, 22

Everything began when I was 16. My father friend was trading stocks and making a fortune on a daily basis. I was really interested in this art of trading so I asked him to teach me. He refused because of me being “too young”. So I had to learn the hard way. I started trading futures, apple juice futures, etc. on fishy platforms… but I was so passionate about this art that I never stopped learning. Bought multiple courses, watched endless hours of videos about trading.. but I always knew that trading will be my thing. After about 3 years I started to understand the markets way better, the charts and whole trading thing started to look like a proper business. So now, after more than 5 years of being in the markets, I’m successfully trading full time, I never doubted my passion and idea of being a full-time trader. Now the universe is asking me to share my journey and my knowledge with the rest of the world that’s why I joined the team to educate people on how messy and dark the whole finance game is and how to actually look at the markets to maximise profits.

Robertas Salkauskis, 23

I began my trading journey at a very young age. One day I was sitting and thinking about how our time in this world is limited and what opportunities do I have to make money while I still having enough time for family, friends and activities that I love. I always been interested on things like how to build various types of businesses, how to start investing into the real estate, stocks, how to create a passive income sources, etc… My life gained some momentum when I discovered a guy who trades foreign exchange market for a living. When I found out how trading works I was amazed by the opportunities which lies behind this door. My first investement to the trading world was that I joined an online community and bought an online course. Then everything changed. I was reading whatever I was able to find about trading forex and tried to apply to my knowledge. During my days at the online forex trading academy we had a few trading sessions with trading experts, a couple of them was at night so I was getting up twice a night because of my location and timezone difference just to find out something new about trading. After long time of hard work and dedication I reached a high level in technical analysis and trading psichology. Now after years of experience I’m a full time trader, managing my and another investors portfolios, enjoying every minute of this and living my life to the fullest. My next goal is to help other people to get involved into trading and help them to reach their trading goals.

Maria Kruglova, 27

What’s great about the Secrets of Zurich is that it teaches you how to read the price action, how to understand the market and trade without losses. It is a system that works when applied intelligently and that comes from practice and the desire to learn! Suggest this course to everybody who wants to become a trader with real income!

Secrets of Zurich community

Secrets of Zurich has a structured training program where we teach you to understand how the trading market works. Once you become a consistently profitable trader you can share your education experience with our community.

Join our community to start growing together and looking for the best opportunities to invest in financial markets. Make your education process more entertaining and meet other people to share your trading experiences.

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