To file a complaint about Nauticus with ASIC you can follow the steps below to save time looking up information. I recommend that you reference my original complaint which has all the information provided along with links to all the evidence to support the complaint.

To assist with statistics please let me know the date you lodged and the complaint reference number. See Step Nine below for the details.

Step One | ASIC Website

ASIC | Report misconduct to ASIC

Step Two | Report Misconduct Now

Scroll down the page and click on Report misconduct now to start the process.

Underneath this it says

What happens next?
Once you submit your report, a confirmation screen will display your Reference Number. If you supplied your email address we will send you a confirmation email including a PDF copy of your report and your Reference Number.

In most circumstances, an analyst will contact you to discuss your report within two business days of submission. We prefer to contact you by phone during business hours.

This is not correct, they will not contact you within two days by telephone in most circumstances. The email that is sent out says the goal is to respond within 28 days to advise you of their assessment of your report. This has also not occurred in a single complaint so far.

Step Three | Tell us about the misconduct you want to report

What’s the problem you want to tell ASIC about?
Someone is breaching the law

How much money did or will you lose? Enter an estimate if you are unsure of the exact figure.
Enter the amount invested

Have you previously reported this issue to ASIC?
YES and enter the reference number 9987675

Next Click the + Add button.

Which of the following best describes the area of your report?
Running of companies

What is your company report mainly about?
A takeover or share offer or other company fundraising activity

What best describes the company?
Proprietary company

Who is your report mainly about?
An organisation

Is the organisation still trading?

Organisation Number (ACN or ABN)

No need to enter organisation name.

Is this a foreign organisation?

Please type in an Australian address
Level 5 100 Collins Street, MELBOURNE VIC 3000

No need to enter phone or fax information so leave blank.
Your report should look like this (I’ve removed all non relevant parts to keep this image small).
Click the Update button on the bottom right to save this information.

Next click the Next Button in the lower right hand corner to proceed to the next section.

Step Four | Tell us what happened

Give a brief description of what happened?
Nauticus ran an ICO to create an exchange to rival the market leading Binance.

They made many promises but have failed to deliver on any of them.

Over $19.3 million was raised and now they are trying to raise money through private investors.

They claimed they were hacked earlier this year but there is no evidence of that, many customers who deposited funds into the exchange have not received refunds to this day despite promises.

Jonathan Chang and Bryan Ng are the COO and CEO respectively.

Please refer to complaint 9987675 and the investigation website at for more information as there is not enough room to enter all the details of what has occurred.

Many investors in Australia and overseas have lost substantial amounts of money in this ICO.

How long ago did the conduct you are reporting occur?
less than 3 months ago

To the best of your knowledge, where did the events that led to this report mainly take place? You must select one location.

Have you, or another person you know of, started legal proceedings about this report?

Have you contacted any other organisation/s about your concerns?

Click Next to continue

Step Five | Tell us what happened

In relation to this report you are?
A Client or Customer

Are you the owner of a business with less than 20 employees?

Is your report about a business with less than 20 employees?

Next you need to fill in your personal details. The only details required are Given Name, Family Name, Age and Gender. Email address is required if you want a copy of your report sent to you and further contact. You can also tick the box for no further contact.

When finished click on Next in the bottom right hand corner.

If you are located in a country where cryptocurrency is illegal I would recommend that you alter your name slightly, if you provide an email address for updates use one that is not associated with you and on the privacy question answer No to both of the first two questions so your details will never be passed on.

Step Six | ASIC and your personal information

Fill the first three questions out as you please. I filled it as follows.

If we consider your report falls within the jurisdiction of another government organisation or agency, in Australia or overseas, do you consent to us referring the information in this report, including your personal information, to that other government organisation or agency?

(a) Do you consent for us to contact the organisation/person/website/s including disclosing your identity and any relevant confidential information to them?
Yes (If you prefer you can select No which gives the option below which means your details will not be passed onto Nauticus if required)

(b) Do you consent for us to contact the organisation/person/website/s without disclosing your identity to them?

The information provided to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in this form may include personal information as defined under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). ASIC’s collection, use or disclosure, or storage of this information complies with our obligations as described in the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and our Privacy Policy. For further information about how we handle your personal information, your rights to seek access to and correct personal information, and to complain about breaches of your privacy, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Fill these in as follows.

Tell us the kind of outcome you are expecting?

I understand that any outcome of my report may not benefit me directly or align to my expectations.

Click Next in the lower right hand corner to continue.

Step Seven | Confirmation

Check the report and when happy with the contents you can print a copy (if you provided your email they send you a PDF copy of the report) and click on Submit to finish the report.

Step Eight | Receipt

Your receipt will be shown on screen.

Step Nine | Send details to ICO Investigation (Optional)

Please send the reference number of the report and the date it was submitted to assist in maintaining a log of ASIC complaints and contact. Any further contact from ASIC would also be useful, all we need is the type of contact, any relevant information and the date. Contact details to supply this information can be found on What can YOU as a Nauticus Investor do to help?

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