False Claims during ICO fund raising of Staff Numbers

Claims of 80-100 and more staff were made during the ICO fund raising period and even in 2019 a claim was made of 100 staff. Full details in the Nauticus Lies and Misleading Information article. None of these figures remotely resemble the truth which is closer to 15 to 25 and a total outlay during the ICO of $535,400.

Working out remuneration is difficult however many were paid in NTS Tokens at least in the early days, for some an estimate will be made.

Australia | 2-8 | $420,000

  • Jonathan Chang (COO) $60,000
  • Bryan Ng (Part Time CEO) $60,000
  • Alex Redwood $60,000
  • Andy Wang (part time) $40,000
  • Brendan Sai Jiao (part time) $20,000
  • Barry Cheng (part time) $30,000
  • Josh Yu (part time) $40,000
  • Nadeem Shaikh (part time) $40,000
  • Hong Huynh (part time) $10,000
  • Sam Liao (part time) $20,000
  • Sophie Liu $40,000

Europe | 2-3 | $30,000

  • Part Time position $15,000
  • Part Time position $15,000

Philippines | 7-9 | $80,400

Most customer service staff where located here.

Senior staff working in the Philippines were paid with NTS tokens until May or June 2018 when they added a AUD$1000 (USD $750) living expense which remained until the end of 2018.

In January 2019 contracts were negotiated with the staff and these were signed however it is alleged that after they were signed that Jonathan Chang altered the remuneration to around half which was witnessed by Filipino administrators.

The contracts took effect in February 2019 and over the following months staff were left go.

B…. and J.. $24,000 each so $48,000 total.

5-7 support staff from April 2018 to April 2019 paid $450 per month each.

6 x $450 is $2700 and over 12 months $32,400

USA | 1-2 | $5,000

M….. was located here but was actually two people working for customer support. Paid in NTS which was dumped after leaving and a payout of a few thousand USD in September 2018 when they departed.

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