If you have information about Nauticus, are a former staff member, an advisor or a third party vendor contact us with information that can help the investigation. You can make contact using your real details or anonymously via Telegram @Maverickau, this website (feedback or via anonymous comments) or email (use Protonmail if you want to keep your identity a secret).

I will treat all information as confidential and will only release information on this website or to the authorities investigating that you approve, any other information that you provide to help will be kept offline with no links to you.


Make a contribution to this site to help with the substantial costs. Already over 500 hours has been invested into the Nauticus Investigation and the gathering of evidence so any amount no matter how small helps.

Filing a Complaint

Details on filing a complaint with ASIC including referencing the main complaint are on the following link.

Making an ASIC Complaint about Nauticus as an Investor

After this has been filed please send us the complaint number and date so we can keep a record.


Register your details so we have a record of investors for future action (nothing will occur without your consent) and an indication of the percentage of payments made in FIAT (see why this is critical).

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