This is the full AMA, as no questions were answered it was too hard to attempt to piece together the questions and answers so the full AMA is presented here.

Jonathan Chang refused to answer any questions, he made claims that deposits were being returned as quickly as possible when the evidence suggests that this is not the case and he would not offer any explanations for the disappearance of himself or Bryan Ng. He finished the AMA early by making the Telegram Group read only.

Claims that they have investors lined up are stalling tactics, early in 2019 they have made two attempts to raise funds and have not shared any information about the progress and now again they claim they have raised funds when no-one will invest in a company that has burnt through $19.4 million in under a year with nothing to show for it.

The message in the middle below was deleted by Jonathan Chang, the investor was banned and reported to Telegram for spam and subsequently had sanctions on his account.

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